Wim Demeere is creating books, videos a podcast and blog posts on Martial Arts and Self-

White Belt

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This is the entry level of support. There is no limit to the amount of patrons in this tier and every single one of you helps, so the more the merrier! With your support, I can keep my blog and vid...

Yellow Belt

$3 /mo
On top of the previous reward, you also get access to:
  • My private monthly newsletter with articles, videos, training tips and a lot more. 
  •  Early access to my blog posts. I will s...

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See my latest work before anyone else! On top of the previous rewards, you get
  • A shoutout on my Twitter and Facebook page, thanking you publicly for your support. 
  • A discount on m...

Green Belt

$10 /mo
At this level, we start the training and instructional material. You get:
  • Every month, I will create a 10-15min. Violence Analysis video, breaking down footage of an actual street fight or...

Blue Belt

$25 /mo
This is where we kick it up a notch!
  • As long as you're supporting me at this level, you'll receive an electronic version of every new book I publish. 
  • Access to a monthly Q&A ...

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Let's kick it up another notch!
  • As long as you're supporting me at this level, you'll receive a paper version of every new book I publish.
  • Your name in the acknowledgement section...

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You become a member of my Advisory board:
  • Access to a  monthly, one-hour, private video conference call. Just you and me.
  • I share my work-in-progress with you, both my writing and...

The Benefactor

$500 /mo
I debated for a long time before I added this reward tier. I learned of it via other creators on Patreon and apparently, there is demand for this kind of set-up.

I obviously don't expect anyone ...