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  • D&D Adventures and Encounters
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Dragon level supporters get everything I have to offer, Plus after you've been a supporter at this level for a month I'll also start sending you a full-size poster print of one of my battle maps every month.




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About Windrose Maps

Hi! I'm Nick. I have been doodling fantasy maps since I was 10 when I read The Lord of the Rings for the first time.

In the last few years I've used my hobby to draw maps of fantasy worlds I've built and to provide visual aids for D&D campaigns I've run. I'm so excited you've found my page on Patreon. If you decide to support me, you'll get access to all my Patron-exclusive content including hi-res versions of region, city, and battle maps! I will also periodically release homebrew adventures you can use in your campaigns with everything you'll need to run them.

My Dragonborn level patrons also get access to variations including gridless, color, object variations, and more! Here's a preview of just some of the variations available for one of my maps:

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When I reach 15 patrons I will release an asset pack of all the assets I've created to make my maps so far. This will include: buildings, terrain features, bridges, and more!
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