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Thanks to your pledge, we can afford to purchase very expensive commercial forecast model, and gave it away free, without subscription.

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Hi, my name is Ivo.

I am a kiter and pilot who founded Windyty in 2014 (later renamed to Windy). Its goal was to help me and my friends search best kiting places. Windy become the fastest growing weather website in the world, serving millions of users a day during extreme weather situations. Every day we register several posts/tweets or messages claiming, that we are "the beast weather service" in the world. By offering professional weather forecast, that is understandable and fast even on the slowest network, we literally save the lifes during hurricanes and floods.

We believe, that people all over the world should have access to the best weather forecast without the advertisement and without subscription. We are so committed to our mission, that we pay the most expensive weather data by far and gave away it for free.

But we have failed to find sustainable business model so far, and we rather invest all the human resources we have in providing better service to our users, rather than to the potential customers. 

Your support can help us to keep Windy running, without advertisement and without subscription. 

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