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Can you draw a picture of healthcare?

If I ask someone to draw a picture of a car in 20 seconds, there’s no problem. But everyone has a problem with a picture of healthcare. Even if given 2 minutes, very few are the same. 

Try it yourself. Ask a small group. Cars will be cars, but healthcare may be a stick figure of a doctor, or a building with a red cross on it. The drawings are all over the map. With no consistent view, conversations quickly go off the rails. It was very frustrating and I knew something was missing. I just didn't know what.

That’s an enormous problem! If we’re not on the same page, how can we have a meaningful conversations about healthcare? Let alone arrive at a shared solution? (There's your clue to the show's name.)

About that drawing

First, I figured out how to visualize care and coverage. It came to me after a few false starts, er, failures. So, it wasn't instant Karma... 

All healthcare systems are facing the same challenge. Medicine changed over the past 20 years. It’s personal now. Traditional assembly-line care is failing. A new model is needed to handle increasing variables and processes. Globally, because we're all human.

One staggering issue became clear. Most Americans have no clue of what comprehensive primary care is. "They've never had it," as Dr. Stephen Schimpff said in the first show. (He's one of my medical mentors and author of, Fixing the Primary Care Crisis.)

Here's an important quote pulled from his book:

"MedLion CEO Dr. Samir Qamar believes that the populace is not yet ready for a mass conversion to direct primary care. One major reason is that most individuals just do not understand what “high impact” primary care can offer in the way of better care, less expensive care, avoidance of the need for specialists and more attention to wellness and prevention of illness."

What now?

Educating people on what comprehensive primary care is, how to get it, and the roadblocks in the way. Oh, and how to pay for it. That's one reason why I created the show. It's a great place to get your Masters of Getting Great Care. Your professors are experts. Usually with MDs and DOs after their names.

However, I'm one disruptive voice and we need far more of them. This is where like-minded people crowd-source and focus their talents to move us forward. We'll use social media to boost mass conversion.


After learning about comprehensive primary care's attributes, the community will help:

  • gather intelligence about current arguments and narratives used by the status quo
  • crowd-source rebuttals to narratives and arguments
  • creative-types will develop Memes and other social media tools to address current and future concerns, educate, and entertain

Those voices need facts and ways of dealing with what I call, "Comment-landia." Online forums and comment sections, which are full of lurkers, but few participants. Quite a few voicing their opinions are uninformed. Ignorance runs deep, and that's not surprising.

"Man who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt man doing it." -- Attributed to Confucius, but who knows? Maybe just -- Appropriate?

Thinking big is a habit of mine. Why not shoot for the stars? You may not reach them, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either. The fun is in the reaching, and that's what we're doing right now. I hope you join us. 

Thanks for your time.

And there you are. (Or here.)
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You'll find more about what we use to produce the show on our website:
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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