Winning Slowly is creating a podcast

$1 /mo
Sponsor Level 1: Fan

First off, you know you’re great. Second, so does anyone who reads the show notes, because your name goes in the notes every episode of the month you su...

$5 /mo
Sponsor Level 2: Superfan

You already know you’re fantastic. But we’ll make sure everyone else does by thanking you for sponsoring the show at the end of every epis...

$10 /mo
Sponsor Level 3: Megafan

Whoa! You must really like the show. We’re so grateful, we’ll put your name on our website on a shiny new sponsors page, as well as listing...

$25 /mo
Topicalizer (Season 6)

Suggest a topic for the show for the 2017 Season 6! We’ll coordinate with you to tackle a subject you’re interested in (with a lot of latitude, but al...

$30 /mo
Q&A Session (Season 3)

Schedule a half-hour-long podcasting question and answer session with us! We’ll set up a Skype call with you to chat about our te...