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About Winter texts

Winter texts is the publishing practice of Conner Bouchard-Roberts. Centered around the south Salish Sea, we make odd and meaningful books, zines and translations that move on the margins of print-culture.

Currently working with writers both unknown and legendary such as: Ursula K. Le Guin, Ross Gay, Dylan James Quarles, Haines Whitacre, Michael Jackson, and more

Every book is a culmination of a long and winding conversation of author and world. Each book is individual and interconnected. We work at a small ever-adapting scale: small print-run editions distributed by hand.

As a publisher: I help make material what’s just been words and ideas. I send off these books to change hands, meet readers, and take part in some small corner of the conversation that formed them.

-          -         -

All books by Winter texts are a collaboration: every book requires a different series of insights and gestures and solutions in order to get it from idea to manuscript to object (and into the minds of others).

I create with others based on a principle of sincerity: Writers maintain all rights to their written words (meaning you can republish at your own discretion) and all financial agreements are done upfront, communally, and with good faith to not try and profit off of another’s effort.

All this slows things down considerably. Books sometimes reach stores. They don’t get sold on Amazon. We’ve rarely use ISBNs. Advertising is not a priority. Nor is notoriety. Every book has a different readership, and how folks will find and sink into the pages, how the text looks and feels and interfaces with our worlds.

Books are sacred. So we attempt to make a sacred thing and come out with something rather meaningful. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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