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“What is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”-Mary Oliver 
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  "Where does it all lead? What will become of us?...It leads to each other. We become ourselves."-Patti Smith


  • Our monthly inspiration letter, 
  • Plus a video  (5-15 minutes average) containing a passionate provocation for explore an aspect of increasing  


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   “You were wild once-don’t let them tame you…” Isadora Duncan

You’ll receive:

  • Our monthly inspiration letter, 
  • A video  (5-15 minutes average) containing a passionate provocation for explore an aspect of increasing aliveness in your life. 
  • Plus a draft chapter of the current book I’m writing “You we’re wild once” each month (chapters still coming out in random order!)

You’ll be massively supporting me in bringing the finished book through by giving the gift of writing time-supporting the spread of wisdom, wildness and wonder out to the wider world.




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About The School of Wisdom, Wildness & Wonder

Hi I’m Tess and I run the school of Wisdom, Wildness and Wonder- a place where we can come together to consciously bring more aliveness into our lives. This is a space to connect, to re-inspire, re-discover, to come into contact with that sense of being really alive, here-now, in touch with what matters most.

The school is somewhat like Hogwarts for grownups- we’ll inspire you to discover what your talents are, to discover magical new things and to delve deeper into life. To cultivate your own aliveness. To prescribe your own potions, scribe your own spells, to follow your own feet to magical new places. To meet wild and wonderful new friends here who engage and inspire us. To bring back a sense of wonder, mystery and marvel back into your days. To embody and enjoy our days. We will supporting each other in really living whilst we’re alive.

As Elisabeth Kübler-Ross death –doula writes:
“It is not the end of the physical body that should worry us. Rather, our concern must be to live while we're alive - to release our inner selves from the spiritual death that comes with living behind a facade designed to conform to external definitions of who and what we are.”

In the school of Wisdom, Wildness and Wonder we will look at the big questions: How can we take care of all that need to be taken care of  in our lives without some part of ourselves withering away? How can we not just survive but thrive in these times- creatively, emotionally, economically and spiritually? How can we find lives that feel freed, yet not shun our roles and responsibilities within society?

Inevitably there is no one size fits all answer to this, yet we will live the questions through the regular written essays and video prompts offered here each month.
We will follow our own feet, finding our way through the woods. We will follow the scent of freedom on the wind, to prick our ears up at some unpredictable, far off but sure sign and then head diligently in that direction. We will find the body based wisdom that we all have inside of us.

We are not "just" human, we are also animal, matter, mystery, made of nature; not separate and superior from the animate and animal world around us. We would do well to remember that- we are not “hominid disconnectus” but a vivid and visceral part of the flesh and bones and breathing body of this bio-sphere! 

We must seek out what sustains our soul day to day. Life can get full and we get fraught! We must tend to our own dear wild and tender heart amidst all we care for and are cultivating. We must bring life into our lives. Nominal notions of living are not nourishing enough for most of us to feel soul-satisfied.

I reckon that in order to live welI (read as life-filled and vibrant) we get to build our muscles at feeling it all fully. We have to let life move through us, we’ve got to learn to dance with it all. Emotions don’t come on schedule. Nature is chaotic, unchoreographed, unorchestrated, uncharted, unmapped and marvellous mysterious in her wild ways.

“Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness." Gabrielle Roth

The school is place where we get to explore those the worlds within us. We will drop in deep. Be baffled and bewildered by navigating the infinite complexity within us. We will be inspired to move with our own mystery. When we get wild and investigate our inner experience we get to feel it all more fully; letting more life into our lives. These days, more than ever, it means a lot to me that we move mindfully through it all, that we mark moments, that we make lives that matter.

The urge for life flows strongly through all living beings whilst we are here. Nature wills for life, for blooming, blossoming, shining. Seeds will grow through paving slabs, willing for light, for life, for passing something of beauty on to this world; fighting to flourish in these fleeting moments… we must do the same my darlings.

We have way more wisdom than we know within us. This inner-knowing thing takes time, takes space; takes us setting down the mind and settling into the uncomfortable unknown, trusting that we don’t have to force it or figure it out. Body based wisdom will show up from somewhere in those wild-lands deep within us, it will give us good guidance and tenderly takes us towards those next steps to finding fulfilment.  These monthly offerings will grow those muscles within us.
Inner-sense will show up when the time is right. It may take longer than we would like, yet we all have a wild, wise one within us; we can trust that we will be led, given good guidance; pushed, promoted or prodded when the times comes. You can find tools and techniques here that will help. Clear guidance feels good; strong, still, sometimes epic and often strangely simple. Our inner wild one- our embodied intuition is immensely intelligent. Ideally we will learn to listen, to heed to what we hear; and then to be brave enough to follow that good guidance going forwards: wild and wise and wonder-filled, in service of the greater good….

I warmly invite you to join us to cultivate your own wisdom, wildness and wonder.

Much wild and wise love


About me: In short- I’m a lover of life, writer, facilitator, art therapist and video maker. 
I create space to connect, to re-inspire, re-discover, to come into contact with that sense of being really alive, here-now, in touch with what matters most.

Here’s a little more about my skillset and experiences that have come together to create the School: I’ve a BSc in Psychology, a Masters in The Use of the Arts in Therapy and Education. I’m an accredited 5Rhythms dance teacher and am a Spirit Rock Insight Meditation  Dharma and Yoga facilitator specialising in developing wisdom through body based disciplines. I’ve completed Eric Maisel’s Advanced Coaching Creatives training. I’ve co-led a women’s creativity circle for 2 years. I have been meditating regularly for the past 25 years and have sat numerous long retreats. I'm passionate abut living life fully awake, alive and aware.

I’ve set up and run several round of a Rites of Passage programme working intensively with a group of women to develop their embodied leadership and to deeply honour and mark meaningful moments of change in their lives. We use body centred education, coaching and the creative arts to bring about profound personal and professional change. 

I’ve worked extensively in the arts and it for profit world- specialising in supporting creatives make an successful living from their art. I’ve produced and managed major dance projects that have toured internationally and won multiple awards. I’ve raised around £2,000,000/ $2,500,000  via grant applications for not for profits.
I’m both a deep feeling-creature and can be a serious badass in support of the projects that I believe in.

I’ve taught extensively in the UK and USA . I’ve assistedon retreats as Esalen, CA. I regularly teach as part of Rhythmwave conscious dance camp at Burning Man offering a safe substance free dance space on playa. I’ve also taught at Womenfest, Sisters of the Wild gatherings, Colourfest, Buddhafield and many more.
I regularly offer outdoor 5 Rhythms dance sessions out in the woods and sunset dance sessions on the sea-shore- bringing great life into our lives (you see more on these live events at
 I’ve lived and worked in 7 countries across 3 continents in the last 20 years; plus having studied in and visited a good 20 more. I’ve trained, succeeded professionally- then refined and re-defined what I want and re-trained again. I’ve loved and lost and started over.

I’ve rooted deeply spending 18 years in Brighton UK, buying a beloved seaside home and enjoying a deep & wide professional and personal caring community there. I’ve tended a parent through dementia –going from daughter to sole caregiver, to clearing out her home and moving her into care.

Recently I’ relocated 6500 miles to begin life with my beloved husband in Marin, California. It was this last move that prompted me to create a the School of Wisdom and Wonder- instigating a global web of folks supporting each other through this quest to live well throughout our lives.

I’m passionate about writing from and for the heart. My writing has been published in Elephant Journal, The Embodiment Journal and Earth pathways Diary.

 I’m generally at home in the moving currents of life and have learned a great deal about moving mindfully along the way. I find refuge in dance, the dharma, bunnies, badass basslines and beautiful boots. I relish and cherish space, sky, sea and stillness.

I warmly welcome you on board and look forward to working with you.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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