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My name is Michaeline McDonald and I am a wildlife and fantasy artist and I love animals! I have always had an affinity for animals just like Ace Ventura. I speak animal much better than I speak human. I have always felt that I am here to be a voice for animals. It is my wish to create artworks of as many animals as possible and share my art with as many people as possible and use proceeds from my art sales to caring for rescued animals. We are currently rescuing pet birds in need of a good home. There are so many birds in need of a sanctuary. People see cute parrot videos and then go buy a parrot without knowing truly how much care and space a parrot needs. I am currently raising funds for an outdoor living aviary for the birds to have room to fly and play in. The aviary will have living trees and plants that they can forage on and also a big bird bath or two to splash around in. I have already rescued two Quaker Monk Parrots and they have adjusted very well. We have even trained them to free fly! I'm so proud of them! They are such good birds! 

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