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About WishCasting

Welcome Wonderful supporter! We are former Emirates Business Class and Business Promotions Cabin Crew. We run Emirates Coachings and worldwide travel guides. We've released 90+ YouTube videos since 2017 and trained over 50+ students NOW working for Emirates Airlines.

Joining Emirates isn't easy, less than 1% from each Emirates Interview successfully pass it.
Most of our students made it in Emirates, thanks to our effective strategies & videos.
We'd love you to be part of our family and part of that 1% that passes the Emirates Interview!

Example of our work and training effectiveness (Click to watch):

Watch our successful MasterClass Series here:  MasterClass on YouTube

It's your way of supporting your community. Your way of saying Thank You Orlando!
We'd be honored having you join our WishCasting Community on Patreon!
Please consider helping us with a few dollars (or more if you can!) by becoming a member of our WishCasting community.
We upload content every week on Sundays!
We promise to deliver exclusive content, effective trainings and confidential information directly from Emirates sources [ you can't find them anywhere else ].
We appreciate and love our supporters. By helping us, you're allowing us to grow and support you back! One day, we might become a training center! And your support will be rewarded.
When signing up, you can set a monthly limit so you never go over your budget.
We NEVER want you to spend more than you can, any support NO MATTER how big is appreciated.

Here's a breakdown of our TIERS & BENEFITS (Click to open in Full Screen)

Working with a team -- writing scripts, recording videos, editing video & audio, doing promotional campaigns -- can become very expensive and time-consuming. We pay monthly fees for equipment and more, to make videos for the community. Your support allows us to invest time and money in research and video production and helps us offer you better and better content. Your support helps us maintain and fix our current gear. We recently had to fix our main camera, we spent 400€. Your contributions, regardless of how small, ALWAYS matter!

The Emirates Crew we Interview (Alice on the left, Orlando @wishcasting to the right)

In the Emirates Training College for our refresher

Zdenka & Orlando while acting on the Emirates MasterClass Series

Out answering your questions!! With Captain Stink (our Dog, Tricky) !



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7$ per month: Become a Business Class Patron
You're so generous wow! Upgrade yourself to Business and enjoy the benefits! We'll give you discounted CV material from our shop. In addition to the Wishcasting Family benefits, you also get access to a 1-hour live training video!

20% OFF on all items in our shop and Webinars (HR Cabin Crew Recruiters + Trainers)
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All benefits from the previous tier

10$ per month: Become a First Class Patron
Wow! You're phenomenal! You are truly making a difference! Since you're being so mega kind, we'll give you FULL ACCESS to our training + access to a secret Server to do LIVE-VIDEO CALLS with us!

30% OFF to ALL shop items and Webinars (HR Cabin Crew Recruiters + Trainers)
TOP-RATED: 45-minute Live-Open Day Simulations Online! FREE once a month
FREE FULL LIBRARY ACCESS to Patron-only "confidential updates/changes + content from other Emirates Cabin Crew" each month
All benefits from the Business Class Package!

50$ per month: Become a God Patron!
For you BEAUTIFUL people who want to support me this much, you'll get First Class Benefits + 1-on-1 video consultations + CV support + 50% OFF on our Exclusive CV material (icons) + you get to meet us in person and talk about Emirates confidential information I was never able to talk about on YouTube

Monthly benefits:
50% OFF on ALL items on our shop and Webinars (HR Cabin Crew Recruiters + Trainers)
TOP-RATED: 45 minutes Live-Open Day Simulations Online! FREE once a month

All benefits from the First-Class Package!
1-on-1 video consultation for 1 hour with all other God Patrons
One-time benefits:
CV Checkup [Basic Check with Advanced Tips]
◾We can meet in person and practice anything you like
◾CONFIDENTIAL TALK: things I was never able to say because of contractual agreements with Emirates (gossip and real stories)


Zdenka & Orlando

How many videos will you release per month? We release 1 video/month and other content, depending on your membership level.
Can I watch your videos without being your Patron? Unfortunately not. The purpose here is creating exclusive content for the Community, thanks to everyone's support and friendship :)
◾  Can I pay for one (1) video only without being a Patron? Unfortunately not. You need to be a Patron in order to view videos on our activity feed.
If I'm a patron, can I pay for one (1) video only? It doesn't work like that. When you sign up, depending on the membership you choose, you'll get the relevant benefits to that membership.
Do I have to pay in US Dollars? No. You pay in any currency! Prices are expressed in dollars since Patreon is a US website, however, you can in whatever currency you want! It will then be automatically converted.
I don't have much money, can I still be your Patron? YES! When you sign up, donate ONLY what you can afford. Even 2$ gives you access to so much content! And it helps us grow a lot! So we're grateful for any contribution! :)
I still didn't understand how it works. If I'm a member, do I get to watch all of your videos for free or not? It depends on what membership you choose. If you sign up for our WishCasting Family Patron membership, you get access to the Patron-Only Activity feed but you can't watch some videos and posts for higher tiers. If you sign up for example, for the First Class Patron membership, ALL VIDEOS and POSTS are free and visible! Check out our membership levels here, to see which ones have videos included and which don't.
What is Discord? Discord is a free communication platform (like skype) www.discord.com, It allows you to get in touch with us and other Emirates Cabin Crew in chats, calls, and video calls. You'll find here other Economy, Business, First Class patrons just like you. A great way to interact, talk about Emirates, about Dubai or Q&A sessions, completely LIVE.
When do I receive my bonus material (CV, Icon Pack, Consultations, etc)? Depending on your Patron membership level, you'll get access to a discount eligible to our online shop here https://payhip.com/wishcasting.
◾  If I can't afford it, can I stop donating? Yes, of course! From your profile, change your membership level or cancel your membership whenever you want! We want you to be completely relaxed with your financial possibilities. Pay only what you feel comfortable with!
I'm afraid to put my credit card details here, can I use another method? Of course YES! Pay with PayPal. It's quick, safe and internationally available!
How and When does Patreon actually charge me? Patreon charges you on the 1st of every month for your chosen membership level. When you sign up for one of our membership levels (family, economy, business, etc), you pay the relevant monthly fee of that membership level. Be careful not to enroll towards the end of the month or you'll pay again at the beginning. We recommend waiting in that case.
Tim signs up for the Economy Class Patron membership. Tim gets charged 5$ per month (until he decides to cancel the membership). Tim now has ALL Business Class Patron benefits + Free exclusive content. If Tim chose to be a First Class Patron for 10$, he'd have access to all First Class Patron benefits + exclusive 45 minutes live-training per month and more. If Tim chose to be a First Class Patron for 10$, his benefits would allow him 100% FREE ACCESS to everything. No added costs (doesn't include God Patron Tier membership)
What's the "best value for money" membership level? First Class membership! It allows you to be in contact with the creator the most, to get every benefit for Free and watch any videos/pictures from Emirates Cabin Crew for Free at only 10$ per month. If you want to watch all of our Emirates material, get FREE consultations, chat, call, video call and gain access to confidential information, you'll need to be a First Class Patron, so you get everything FREE for 10$ per month/fixed price. We don't want to push you, support us by taking any membership that best suits your financial reach. We appreciate any kind of support you give us! We grow only thanks to you!
8 of 20 patrons
Once we reach this Milestone, we'll have a HUGE phone call together and get to know each other better! It'll be INCREDIBLE! All we need is at least 20 Patrons!

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