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The Wheel of Fortune shares good luck.

This tier receives none of the Patreon exclusive content, and mainly exists as a form of supporting all of the free content I do provide online already, particularly on Instagram. Maybe you don't want any new content, but you still want to support what I do. Thank you so much! 

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The Magician is dipping in their toes into the world of magic.

  • Access to a monthly live video Witchy Q&A session with yours truly. Get all your big questions answered!
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The  Chariot receives all previously listed benefits, as well as access to even more updates about my new books (instead of the tarot card/ritual of the month - once I am not working on new books, we'll go back to this format.)

  • Access to all past Ritual of The Month write-up, with instructions and inspiration.
  • Access to all past Monthly Tarot Card inspirational write-up to help you get clear on each month's energy.
  • Access to a monthly live video Witchy Q&A session with yours truly. Get all your big questions answered!
  • Access to all past Heal & Harm column, updated once or twice per month, as I am  able. The column is about witchcraft, magic, spirituality, and  everything in between.
  • Access to more in-depth updates about my new books as I write them!



About Sabrina Scott

Hi! I'm Sabrina!

I'm an illustrator, writer, tarot reader, academic, and professional witch.

What's on my Patreon?

I write regularly on witchcraft, magic, and spirituality. On this Patreon you'll get to see what I'm writing and thinking about all the time! You'll see much longer writing than I am able to post on Instagram. When I'm not writing a new book or two, my main Patreon offering is a column called Heal & Harm, which is released every two weeks to honour the full and new moons. These articles affirm the old as hell phrase “a witch who can’t harm can’t heal,” and oscillates between summoning good vibes and releasing pain. I also sometimes post monthly tarot and ritual inspiration, I will be posting recommended book lists and book reviews so you can see what I've read, what I'm reading, and what you might wanna stay away from (or buy right away)!

Right now, since I am on a tight deadline for my second book - and working hard on pitching a third - most of my Patreon content consists of live Q&A sessions roughly once per month, and articles, thoughts, and musings as I am able. My main offering right now (as of June 2019) consists of the Q&A and reflections and writing samples from my second and third books as I work on each of them in turn.

All of your Patreon pledges and support helps, and enables me to keep writing and drawing about witchcraft and magic in a way that is authentic, unique, and informed. As my Patreon scales up, I am also interested in teaching monthly witchcraft lessons for higher tier subscribers. If you'd like to check out what my writing is like to see if you're into it before you pledge, you can see some archived blog posts on my website. Past topics have included releasing trauma with little rituals, building a self-love altar, and mothering myself as the queen of swords. If you're not sure what my vibe is, I'd encourage you to creep my Instagram and check out my website to get a good feel on if I'm the right witchy human for you!

Who am I?

You might know about me through my graphic novel Witchbody (nominated for the Doug Wright Awards, winner of the LGBT Youthline Postsecondary Achievement Award; self-published since 2015, and forthcoming with Weiser Books March 2019), through the 5-minute Sabrina the Millennial Witch documentary by Barcroft TV (we just hit 1.3 million views!), my old Heal & Harm column on Little Red Tarot (archived on my site here), this Refinery 29 interview with me and other witches, or the other press I've received in Broken Pencil Magazine, Nylon Magazine, YYZ Magazine, Sabat Magazine, and many others. Or maybe you know about me because I am a popular tarot reader in Toronto, with loads of international clients. Or maybe you follow me on Instagram!

I went to my first séance at the age of eight and grew up alongside Modern American Spiritualism. My witchcraft practice is deeply intuitive and mediumistic, with a focus on trance, ecstasy, and communing with the dead. I see magic as a way of building relationship with non-human beings. My book Witchbody is about magic as a way of learning about the environment, and how to build relationships with it. After my book and mini doc were released, I received many inquiries from readers and viewers asking about how they could learn a bit more about magic from me. I love to write, and I can't churn out a full book every year, and as not everyone can afford highly specialized one-on-one training, this Patreon is a little bit of a solution.

Intuitive and Academic

Apart from my decades of experience in mediumship, magic, divination, and tarot, I am also deeply rooted in academic research. This fusion of the practical and the theoretical is hard to find! What I share about magic and witchcraft is based on both my years of spirit work and my thorough knowledge of the history of witchcraft and the philosophy of science, spirituality, and environment. I have a Masters in Environmental Studies and am working on a PhD about witchcraft as a technology (yes, really)! That being said, I am committed to making sure that the writing I share here is accessible and easy to understand for everyone.

My approach is rooted in anti-oppression (anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-ableism, anti-transphobia, anti-colonialism), and you'll see some of those themes here. In addition to writing on spirituality, witchcraft, and tarot, I also write about how these themes relate to recovery, trauma, violence, dysfunctional family systems, disability, chronic illness, and healing.

At the moment I am working on multiple book projects, and Patreon subscribers will be the first to gain access to news and content about these offerings!

Thank you so much for your support, it truly means the world to me an enables me to do the work that I am called into this world to do: joyously.

Thank you. <3



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