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Even just a little bit is appreciated. This pays for 200 GB of the Wasabi account we use to serve images! So thank you!


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The WILIPRO tier gives you a PRO account, which lets you send DMs, use third party apps, and post polls on Note that all of this functionality is also included with a standard free account as well.

Witches Genuine Advantage

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Ensure you are running Witches Genuine software with Witches Genuine Advantage. Comes with a license key for Witches Genuine Mastodon Software. Since's software is all AGPL, this key does nothing.




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About anna

Hello friends! Thank you for considering helping keep up and running. It has grown beyond my expectations and it's starting to cost more than I can easily pay out of pocket, especially since the cishets like to hire me to do jobs I do extremely well at then "oops we're cutting costs" then it's 10x harder to find the next job because they wonder why your last 3 jobs were only a few months long grumble grumble.

If you are in dire straits yourself, please don't contribute to this pateron. However if you have a few bucks to spare, it would really help me keep the hit to my wallet to keep witches running from being too bad. If the current server costs are exceeded, I can do upgrades, and further than that well, it will help compensate a little bit for the amount of time and effort I put into this.

Note that you can also contribute on my twitch channel at where you can give me Jeff Bezos' money at no cost to you if you have Amazon Prime.
$23.94 of $100 per month
This roughly covers the server costs. It would be a great help to not have to pay out of pocket anymore!
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