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About Ariel Ries

Hi there!
I’m Ariel Ries; celebrity eggplant and comic creator extraordinaire! I make sci-fi and fantasy content with a focus on POC/LGBTQ characters. I’m trying to make it in the webcomics business and would love if you paid me to do it!

My main project is Witchy; an on-going online comic about hair-powered witches under a military regime, and what happens when one witch suddenly has no hair. It takes place in a melting pot fantasy world influenced by cultures spanning continental Asia, where everyone’s Asian and no one is straight. Witchy updates twice a week! (for a more serious explanation, please just visit the site)

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In addition to Witchy, I’m developing a comic under the working title Strange Bedfellows, about a guy who develops the power to physically manifest his dreams in real life — including that childhood crush he can’t seem to forget. Hoping to launch in 2019!

Like the look of those comics? Guess what, there's more! Making webcomics full time means I have more time to make mini-comics, auto-bio strips, and illustrations!

I’ve been making Witchy since 2014, which I started shortly before I began my bachelor’s degree in animation. After making Witchy on top of full-time study for almost 4 years, I realised that making a webcomic while working full time was not going be a sustainable lifestyle for me. However, I’m super passionate about telling my own stories, so I wanted to have a go at making a living out of it before giving up the goat — that’s where you come in!

Your support will literally be keeping my bills paid and my stomach full, and while i know you’re probably just a real philanthropist, I have some Cool and Great reward tiers that’ll make your donation even more worthwhile! If you can’t afford much, even one dollar is amazing help.

I’m glad you asked my friend. My goal is to add new tiers and rewards as time goes on, but here's what you can currently get for your hard-earned money:

My Eternal Gratitude
What it says on the box.
Early Updates
See the next week’s pages before they update on the main site! May be subject to unforeseen disruptions but will otherwise be on schedule.
Journals, News, and Sneak Peeks
Tidbits from my daily life, secret news, and a look into what’s happening behind the scenes!

All Rewards in Previous Tiers

Development PDFS
Monthly PDFs that give you a sneak peek into the development of Witchy and other projects! Works in progress, concept art, character and environment designs -- These PDFs have it all, and more!
Tips and Techniques
A look into the little tricks I use when making comics, art, and animation; whether it’s shortcuts, software tips, or just Weird Ariel Originals.

All Rewards in Previous Tiers
Process Videos
A bi-monthly video where I record and share various parts of my art making process.
Mini Sketchbooks
A collection of the doodles and studies I make to warm up! I’ll be sharing the best of those in a PDF that will be released once every 2 months, interspersed with the process videos.
Digital Books
Free access to zines, mini-comics and sketchbooks that the rest of the world has to pay for!

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    Don’t want to commit to a monthly donation? Buy me a (figurative) coffee. I am actually allergic to caffeine.
  • Commission me!
    Let me make some art, just for you! Currently closed, but more details to come. 
  • Follow me on social media!
    Do me a favour and follow me on my twittertumblr, or instagram
  • Share my work with your friends and followers!
    The most important thing you can do. If you don’t have any spare change lying around, sharing my work with those around you lets my work reach the rest of the world. I’d be nothing without my audience!

Thanks for reading and for making my dreams.... a REALITY!!!!
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