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About Amy

Within Her Words was created by Australian Expat Amy Toledano.

Hello there, 

I'm Amy, Editor and Content Creator of Within Her Words.

Following my acting training in Sydney, I decided to take the plunge and uproot my life to London. Since then I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by some truly wonderful artists and people.

London uncovered a world of theatre that I had no idea existed, that being, Fringe theatre. Since this discovery I haven't really been able to talk about anything else and this is where Within Her Words was born.

Writing for The Plays The Thing UK led me to an understanding of theatre that I did not know I had and since then I have been committed to creating constructive, open and honest reviews of emerging artists and their work.

I am committed to helping share and support the work of female and non-binary creatives, as well as minorities and communities often under represented.

A total bookworm, I also review books I love, particularly those by female and emerging authors.

Creating conversation around new writing and the arts is incredibly important and with your help we can continue to support and nurture the work of many talented artists for years to come.
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