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2019 UPDATE:

Hello friends! First off, let me say a heartfelt 'thank you' for supporting Witnesses, or even just considering it! One might think that an audio show would be quick, easy, and cheap to produce, but when it's done well, it's isn't any of those things. The cost of producing a full-length episode is $500 US and up. Thank you for sharing in the production costs and allowing us to continue creating episodes that we believe will impact many lives.

Around the end of 2018, a decision was made regarding what our full-length episodes should cost, especially in light of how much it costs to produce them. Oddly enough, I decided that the cost should be nothing. So from now on, our episodes will be FREE to everyone who wants to hear them. This will impact how our tiers work, regarding the fact that previously, supporters would receive a new episode free of charge while non-supporters would have to pay, but our patrons will still receive new episodes a week before it is released publicly.

This change also means that Patreon will be our only source of financial support, excluding the option of a one-time donation, should that be preferred over a per-episode contribution. That's not to say that there is any pressure to contribute. We simply want those who want to listen to be able to do so without condition and those who want to help to be able to help if they are able.
The stories that we are telling are powerful and we look forward to bringing you many more episodes! Thank you, again!

Sincerely, Tracy
(Creator of Witnesses)


WITNESSES is a Christian audio drama about the experiences of people who had direct contact with Jesus Christ; intimate stories of real people told in their own words.

It can be easy, and often tempting, to rush over stories in the Bible, carelessly ignoring the people and details of events because we know what happens. But imagine how the stories felt to experience when the outcome wasn’t clear! What was it like for the shepherds when the angel appeared and they were told to leave their sheep and find the Baby? How did the woman caught in adultery feel when she heard the life-changing words “Then neither do I condemn you"? What went through Peter’s mind when Jesus told him that Peter would betray Him that very night?

While creative license is necessarily taken in the retelling of these stories, every effort is made to be sure that even the smallest detail is accurate and Biblical. Each episode strives to bring you closer to the Man these people knew and the Savior we know now.

Step into the familiar time period, strap on your sandals, stretch your legs, and head off in search of eyewitnesses to the greatest story ever told!

Your financial (and prayerful) support will allow us to produce multiple episodes a year. Every dollar will be put towards:

  • Salary for our talented actors
  • Original music
  • Sound effects and foley
  • Writing and graphic design
  • Any and all production costs


If you are not yet familiar with WITNESSES and would like to hear an episode, please enjoy 'A Tax Collector's Invitation', the powerful story of Matthew's call to follow Christ, now available completely free of charge. Please note that there is absolutely no pressure to become a patron before or after listening. The episode is our gift to you.

Click here to listen now!


We are excited to continue telling the stories of Jesus, starting with 'An Official's Faith'.

Jason, an Official for Herod Antipas, knew what he needed from Jesus before he met Him, but only Jesus knew what he really needed.



As a thank you for your support, you will receive each new episode a week before it will be publicly released, at no cost. You will also immediately receive the Pilot episode of WITNESSES, 'A Shepherd's Encounter', featuring the voice of well-known voice actor and producer of Adventures in Odyssey Phil Lollar.

$20 of $500 per Episode
If this goal is reached, the cost of producing a full-length episode will be covered!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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