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Wizbe (www.WizbeSongs.com) is an independent folk, alternative, fun rock, guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Like Bugs Bunny’s baseball team, Wizbe consists of many “players” including Stan at vocals, Eddie (Stan’s middle name) on rhythm guitar, and Farrell (Stan’s last name) as producer and writer. Plus, Stan is the marketing guy and Wizbe Songs is the Label.

Wizbe’s goal is to make a good music. To do that, we need you. Join Wizbe’s Fan Club to be a part of Independent, Creative Music with a twist. Fighting for Independent Music People like you are always searching for great new music. Here’s some you might like. This music is independently written, produced, and distributed. And thanks to you, it’s being heard.

Musician are making amazing music off the grid, but without radio or paying to be put on special lists on the digital media, it’s hard for the small musician to find our audience. All across the USA and around the world there are musicians making interesting and powerful music that too often gets ignored. But not this band!

Despite the people living in the past, music today has never been more awesome. Music is everywhere and everyone can create music. The tools to create, record, and reach an audience have been democratized, but it is more and more difficult to make money as an artist and to be heard. Wizbe didn't doesn’t make music to get rich, but it takes money to put quality work out into the world.

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