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ALL BONUS CONTENT!!! We here at Wiz/Bru headquarters will be pumping out  a piece of bonus content once a week from movie reviews to interviews and more. Maybe we'll even just cry into a microphone for thirty minutes and you dear listener will get to enjoy every bizarre and informative second of it.
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Not only do you get ALL BONUS CONTENT but you also get a sick-ass t-shirt as well!!! To top that off, we'll be holding a private discord Q&A once a month with you and the other donors at this layer, and we will hold on-line polls that you get to vote in for our next episode's topic.
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Not only do you get all of the above mentioned including that sick-ass t-shirt and bonus content, but you also get to personally pick a topic (within reason) for the podcast. Lastly, if you have a podcast or twitch stream or whatever it may be, we will plug it on the podcast. Free advertising!!!



About Wizard and the Bruiser

Thanks for stopping by this page and even vaguely thinking about subscribing to our incredibly sweaty show about the history of nerd culture and the fascinating weirdos who made it possible.

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We do our best to make each episode as funny, chaotic, and friendly as we can but the truth is that this project requires a massive time commitment. Each week's topic is intensively researched. We do an immense amount of prep work to make sure the show is jam-packed with facts and stories so that even longtime fans of the subjects we cover will find them new and interesting. All this is in addition to the time spent by the incredibly talented producers and engineers who have worked unpaid hours to build the show into something resembling a professional product. 

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That's why it's up to YOU, dear visitor, to keep this show alive. We started this as a labor of love because we wanted to bring the crazed energy of a comedy show and still tell the tales behind the comics, games, and movies that ignited our imaginations and squeezed our adrenal glands dry. If we meet our goals it will help us take the show to the next level and you'll be on the ground floor for a whole new batch of shows and ideas with the same manic (and slippery) attitude our fans have come to enjoy week after week!

Thank you so much, and may our destinies someday C-C-C-Crossover.

- Holden, Jake, and Superproducers Marcus and Megan
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HOLY SHIT!!! We'll do the live stream, we'll do the live show, and then we'll do a group meet-up at Dave and Buster's to get hammered and win stuffed animals with thousands of those tiny filthy tickets. And then we'll eat too much shitty food and barf all over the place. And then our girlfriends will leave us and we'll end up destitute and alone in some alleyway somewhere with nothing left but a needle in our arm and a one-way ticket to hell. HOLY SHIT!!!
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