Kevin Kaland (wizonesolutions)

is creating the FillPDF module for Drupal and other open-source projects

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  • Contributes to freeing up time for me to fix bugs and add features to FillPDF or FillPDF LocalServer
  • Recommended for individuals using FillPDF for a project

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  • You can vote for one feature or bugfix for FillPDF or FillPDF LocalServer. I can't promise any timeframe, but I will increase the priority on the roadmap
  • Access to private Discord server in the future (contact me if you'd like to see this)
  • Your name or organization added as a sponsor (supporting organization, etc.) of FillPDF and FillPDF LocalServer (project pages or sponsor pages one click away from the project pages)
  • And everything in the previous tier
  • Recommended for individuals using FillPDF/FillPDF LocalServer for multiple projects




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About Kevin Kaland (wizonesolutions)

Help fund my open-source work so I can spend more time on it.

Projects I work on the most:
Some other projects:

Near-term enhancements I'd like to make to FillPDF:
  • An overhaul of the data model to make it easier to move configuration between Drupal sites
  • Cohesive signature field support (there is partial support in Drupal 8)
  • Integration with e-signing services like HelloSign
  • Potentially expanding FillPDF to work with more types of documents

FillPDF LocalServer is fairly feature-complete, but there are a couple small issues that I'd like to get fixed.

Projects I'd like to start:
  • FillPDF for other popular CMSs, such as WordPress and Typo3
  • A more generic FillPDF library for PHP. Maybe also something for Symfony and Laravel?
$11.35 of $500 per month
April 2020 only: I'll donate double of the monthly total up to this amount to the Drupal Association on April 29.
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