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For as little as one dollar a month, I will make sure you get regular art updates on my work, plans, and shows.
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I spend my summers doing fieldwork for A Secret History of American River People. For $5 a month, I and the crew of the shantyboat Dotty will send you a drunken postcard when we are on the river doing Secret History fieldwork. In the evenings while we are drinking to forget the latest fury the river has thrown at us, we'll carelessly scrawl you a postcard that we may regret later. Hear all about whatever is on our minds, unfiltered by inhibitions, propriety, and good sense, delivered by USPS!
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For $10 a month, I will send you a beautiful Secret History woodcut poster. This beautiful poster made by artist Jake Simowitz is a large hand silkscreened print (24" x 16") of his woodcut for the project on beautiful sturdy paper.




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About Wes Modes

Hi, I'm Wes Modes. I'm a California artist and I'm asking for your support. If you value the arts, history, and personal stories, you may want to consider donating as little as one dollar a month.

I'm intensely motivated by curiosity and so I'm always working on a few things at one time. Your support makes it possible for me to concentrate on producing wonderful things in the world.

The big project that I continue to work on is A Secret History of American River People, a project to build a collection of personal stories of people who live and work on the river from the deck of a recreated 1940s-era shantyboat over a series of epic river voyages. The project explores the issues facing current river communities, the long history of people who have lived on and adjacent to the river, and basic river ecology.

Every summer I set out on the shantyboat on a major American river and collect video stories of river people. During the fall and winter, I work on the archive and a book about the project. Your support allows me to focus on this work.

  1. Every month, I'd like to release monthly excerpts from the archive, collaborating with other artists, including animations based on the stories I gather.
  2. Every month, I'm trying to complete at least a couple of chapters of the first volume of the Secret History book series I'm working on. The first volume is A Secret History of the People of the Upper Mississippi River or at least that's a working title.
  3. Each month, I'm closer to a release of the first stage of the Secret History archive in a permanent publicly-accessible online home.
  4. We are currently preparing for this summer's voyage on California's historic Sacramento River through the Central Valley, an area conflicted around issues of water rights, land use, and emigrant workers.
I'm also working on several other projects for which I'm always perpetually short on time. If I can get to the $2000 a month level, that will give me the time to focus on some of the amazing projects I've had on the backburner for years.

If you contribute as little as one dollar a month, I'll set you up to receive updates from my art blog. More rewards are coming up.
$32.32 of $500 per month
At $500 a month, this gives me a little time on my hands. I create a new one page comic a  month and you will be the first to see it.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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