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I'm not greedy, every little helps but a super massive thank you.

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This is utterly amazing. You will help my pay my bills and buy new hardware.

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TI honestly don't know what to say. I really do appreciate you're donation and help me to keep my hardware up to date and by way of thanks I will add your name to my page listing all thje lovely people who have help me project to continue running.




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Welcome everyone and if you have reached my patreon page then you have done so either by accident or by clicking on a link either on my web page or YouTube channel and if you don't know what I do then simply put "I like to play video games and record them".

The idea behind this patreon page is so that you can donate a little bit of money to go towards helping me support my youtube channel/hardware/bills but you're not obliged to. I just want to simply thank you for taking the time out to watch my videos and visit my patreon store. You see I don't do video game videos for the money but rather I just do it "For the love of video gaming". I find it amazing at the number of talented developers on the scene and coming onto the scene these days and what they can produce. There are truly some talented people out there and I don't want to miss a single game.

Thank You
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I honestly don't have any goals. I don't want to be rich. I don't want you to donate money when you don't have but all I want to do is just continue to enjoy the amazing content that is created by games developers and continue to do so.

Having finished that last sentence, I just decided that I can donate the money back to the developers.

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