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About Wobbly Otter Outdoors

Hi ya! Bill and Cris here - aka Wobbly Otter Outdoors.
We're glad you're here too!

What We Do
We make videos on YouTube about our camping adventures where our goal is to get off the beaten path and off pavement as much as possible. Other video topics are reviews of the gear we use (used to use, hoped to use, tried to use...). There are also the occasional projects that may have just one video or span across several in a series. Ultimately, we want to share our experiences, give you a closer look at products, and maybe provide a smidge of entertainment.

Our Plan with Patreon
Our plan with Patreon is to engage with you wonderful, supportive folks by giving higher priority to your questions and comments, allowing you early access to videos when possible, and hopefully create/share some Patreon only content - as we get the hang of this. Through your support we are able to continue improving the content and presentation of our videos. You keep WOO going.

Where is the Money Going?
The support received through Patreon goes straight into travel expenses (gasoline, truck & trailer maintenance, etc.) and video/audio equipment.

You're Awesome!
We sincerely appreciate and are humbled by your support. Thank you, kindly.
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