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WOKE MAGIC is committed to being proof of what is possible and the power of the 💵. There is power in every single dollar that we spend.

And our mission is to make every dollar we receive count towards the movement of building the kind of world we want to live in--equitable, sustainable, creative, reciprocity driven.  People made and powered ✊🏾.

This tier includes everything. 
  • Behind-the-scenes posts & blogs. 
  • Early access to podcast + exclusive interviews
  • VIP access to the bodega BEFORE it launches

🪶{F} Spirit Ally 🪶

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WOKE MAGIC is devoted to being an ally, supporter, and funder for Othered and Marginalized folx medicine, art, and creativity. 

Pledges at this level help us keep up with operating costs so that we may continue to serve our gente and help usher their medicine and art into the world.

This tier includes everything. Plus 5% off the bodega. (1x use)

🌱{F} Medicine Keepers 🌱

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WOKE MAGIC is committed to indigenous medicine, lands, culture, and people. Pledges at this level help us to continue to vet, support, and pay local craftspeople and medicine makers a livable wage for their products.

This tier includes everything. Plus 10% off the bodega. (1x use)



About Brandi Amara Skyy

Hola and welcome to the place where all the things meet ✊🏾
 Artivism (Art + Activism)
And you. Me. We. Us.

WOKE MAGIC (WM) is business, publishing, and shopping done differently. It's not a company with a mission; its mission IS the makeup and foundation of the company.

Specifically WOKE MAGIC is a
  1. Bodega made up of all independent creatives, healers, medicine & magic makers.
  2. Publishing haus specializing in publishing indie tarot/oracle creators, zines, graphic novels, and books. We are also committed to innovating genres to look more like us.
  3. Services to help us alchemize our oppressions into our power, shift our mindsets, and reclaim our sovereign rights over our medicine and creativity so we can build a life, mode of "making" 💵, and a world that is inclusive and radically different than the one we currently live in.
  4. Foundation that focuses on our people, planet, and sacred allies—plants, animals, birds. WOKE MAGIC, is not just committed, but adamant about paying reparations to Indigenous Peoples, all marginalized folx, our land, and all its inhabitants.

WOKE MAGIC focuses on intersectionality and is founded upon one singular guiding principle...



  • Modeling what business, money, and shopping could look like in our re-imagined world.
  • Centering us marginalized folxs (Queer, BIPOC, Disabled, Trans, Non-binary, Intersectional, etc.) in
  • Re-centering us back into our own medicine.
  • 100% grassroots funded. No banks. No buyers. No stock market capitalism. Nada.
  • Doing the work. (And by "work" i mean the unlearning, decolonizing, and footwork needed to embody and live the change we all need you to be.)
  • Buying and supporting shops that are doing the work and research to ensure the sustainability of people, cultures, traditions, planet, and each other. 
  • Sharing WOKE MAGIC'S mission & vision
  • Supporting our Patreon.

  • Share, build, support, AND FUND WM in non-colonizer ways. Because if WM is going to reimagine business, how business is done, and be proof of what is possible for the rest of us, we have to come to the party with those goals and intentions front + center as we build it. Not as an afterthought.
  • A place of reciprocity—a key value of WM as a company, but also the future and world we are building. WM is an opportunity and our offering of one of many solutions of what a "new" world would/could look like. 
  • Helps with all the startup costs without having to get a loan from the bank. THIS IS HUGE. THIS IS FOUNDATIONAL FOR US—to NOT have to rely on patriarchal, capitalist, and traditional colonizer modes of building and doing "business." WM is 💯 devoted to breaking that cycle.
  • Provides a safe and brave space for me/you/we/us. As y’all creatives know, creativity & making art can be a very lonely, solitary journey. Creating this community early on not only helps me stay accountable but also grants me the golden opportunity to share what i’m learning, my mistakes, wins, and success with all of you. My hope is that by sharing the path i’m forging, you will begin to see a blueprint of how you can make this kind of radical revolutionary life possible FOR YOU. 
Because when it’s all said and done, YOU are the reason WOKE MAGIC wanted to be birthed into this world. 


Upon pledging, you are charged the amount you pledge immediately and given immediate access to the Patreon only feed!). After the initial pledge, you are charged the 1st of every month until you cancel. (Psst! You can at any time.)

You can also choose to support the work on a one-time basis via PayPal Me (QR Code HERE) or Venmo by scanning my QR code HERE.

i am forever committed to keeping WOKE MAGIC 100% community funded and powered by the people it serves—you! This means your pledge is a ripple in the ocean of change and (r)evolution We are creating ✊🏾. Your pledge also supports:

1. Independent artists, creatives, brujx, healers, medicine people, writers, artivist, and future woke companies like yours.
2. A reimagine world that is equitable for all.
3. The hiring of marginalized folx to design, build, and help create WOKE MAGIC, collectively. 
4. Each indie artist you buy from AND the collective of us all. Both/And/Also. 
5. A movement of change and doing life, biz, creativity OUR way. 

From the bottom of my rhinestone heart, thank you so so much for taking the time to read and learn more about my dreams for me/we/us and the world i am determined to live in and help build.

You are the real magic and revolution ✊🏾

Mucho mas 🖤💡✊🏾

0% complete
After covering the initial startup costs, maintaining this $1250 goal will help me cover the continual costs of operating a publishing, consulting, and shop startup that includes basic costs like purchasing ISBN numbers, domain purchases, web hosting, newsletter costs, bank fees, and marketing platforms, & ads to help get the company + mission out. ✊🏾

At this level, i will be able to create a new job opportunity, hire, and pay a livable wage to a member of our marginalized gente as an executive assistant to the work (and me 🤗). 🙏🏽 

Once this goal is reached, EVERY SINGLE PATREON will receive a free digital copy of the 2022 Woke Magic Planner launching at the end of 2021!
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