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For $2 a month, you get: 

- access to my writing - poems, short stories, and the occasional update/wild card post. 

This also includes any other things I come up with, such as attempts at pixel art or links to other non-writing related projects.

And of course, my undying gratitude!



About Eric

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm Eric, a 30 year-old wolf human writer (these are not mutually exclusive, I've checked). Thanks for visiting my den of deviancy Patreon page! Stick around, put your feet up and grab something to read. Admittedly, I don't have the widest collection of works out there, but I was hoping you might help me expand it. 

My work includes - but is not restricted to - poetry, short stories and even writing a few games (most are currently in progress). I also have been known to occasionally doodle and dabble in other artistic endeavours. More on that soon, I hope... 
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This much per month would allow me to stock up on some materials of the craft (pens, pencils, ink for the hardworking printer, USBs - you can never have enough of those!), as well as a few bits and pieces for currently untitled side projects.

And of course, more brain fuel (coffee or hot cocoa)!
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