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About Zombie_Plan

WolfSource is an unofficial website dedicated to Wolfenstein 3D, the games built on it’s engine, and the community that built around these games.

Located at http://wolf3d.net, the website has the following goals:

  • Grow the Wolf3D community, and promote the projects and events going on.
  • Provide up to date news on Wolfenstein 3D, it’s sister games and their modding communities.
  • Be a vast database of mod downloads for the Wolf3D engine, spanning decades.
  • Publish written articles about the games and community.
  • Supply the means to get into modding the games; tools, guides, resources, and whatever else is needed.
  • Supply a platform for the community to share their projects, and hold community-centric events.
  • Try to help preserve the past, and ensure the future of Wolf3D.


This ongoing project has resulted in a need to rebuild the website from the ground up with a focus on community-driven aspects, like resource sharing, communication, and events.

As such, while the website is and always will be free to use and access, I am here asking for help. If you appreciate what WolfSource is trying to achieve, please consider donating as little as a dollar a month to us.
We'd love to turn WolfSource into a truly useful place for the commmunity, and with your help we can make that happen!

Wolfsource has an active Discord full of people who love to talk about Wolfenstein and it's sister games, you can join at https://discord.gg/Fee7PBY and help shape the direction of the website and engage with a passionate community!

You can also see more information about the goal of the website rebuild, as well as alternative ways to help, on this page: http://wolf3d.net/support-wolfsource/
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Between us, server costs are (hopefully) covered.
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