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is creating 18X RPG game "Cursed Armor II"
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Supporters who have reached a total supporting amount of $16, please check your Patreon email for your account and password for the authentication system after 5th of the month.(Generally, payment will be completed on the 1-2 next month.) If you don't receive them, please check in you Spam Box, if you still can not find them please contact [email protected] for re-sending.
授權賬號獲得: 總支持額度達到$16的patreon,請先確認是否有付款(一般在參與patreon后的下個月的1-2號)並在 當月5號 後確認是否有收到認證系統的賬號和密碼,首先請登錄自己留在patreon的郵箱,查看賬號和密碼。如果沒收到,請看垃圾郵件!垃圾郵件也沒有,請郵件聯系[email protected],我會給你重發郵件。 

The Cursed Armor has achieved the right result, thank you very much. Now, as I’ve promised before in game, the project of the sequel starts, all credit goes to you. ^_^
Since I’ve decided to continue the patreon, my goal stays the same: to exceed the VH01, that makes the new work a project with over 2 years’ development.
Let's get down to brass tacks, down below are the goals to achieve in Cursed Armor 2, I wish I can still have your supports on my work.

1, as the sequel of the Cursed Armor, it will also be a game telling a heroine’s adventure, but we will start to pay attention on the description of minor roles to satisfy players special interests.
2, the new project will continue using RPGMV system, but during the rewrite of the frame, duo to patreon’s censorship on 18X games, we will have to ask you to check the posts for the pics contain nudity, after you have become a supporter.
3, the new project will import ARPG system, which means it’s gonna be a whole new experience for all players. :P
4, the minimum donation of acquiring the new project is $16, and it will be independent of your previous donations.
5, same as before, all $16 contents of the new project can be acquired for a donation of $150 in total, and it will be independent of your previous donations.

Adult Content
Pairings - Male / Female, Female / Female, Female / Futa
配对 – 男/女,女/女,女/Futa
Kinks – Monstergirl, BDSM, Bondage, hypnosis, mind control, Cosplay, training, parasites, etc.
性癖 – 魔物娘,BDSM,捆绑,催眠,精神控制,Cosplay,调教,寄生虫等等

Game button
F => Fast shape
Q => Fast use item
W => Fast use skill
Z => Confirm, 2x speed
X => Cancel
C => 6x speed ! (It is recommended to hold down C!!! when transform)
V => suit operation
B => mimetic operation
ESC => menu
Shift => 2x speed movement
A, S, D => combat skills
F => 快速變身
Q => 快速使用物品
W => 快速使用技能
Z => 確認,2倍速
X => 取消
C => 6倍速!(變身時建議按住C!!!)
V => 套裝操作
B => 擬態操作
ESC => 菜單
Shift => 2倍速移動
A、S、D => 戰鬥技能

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will make sure the 2nd major side-plot to finish, 15 minor events, 50 base CGs and 9 perfect-costumes at least.
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