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Hi guys, its Wombat! 
Or Alfie or just Alf IRL.

Ive been hauling and doing other simulators ever since I got my hands on a C64.
At the time it wasnt hauling really but I remember having Pitstop, one of the best racing apps EVER! Thees always been two catrgories of games in my life since then. 
FPS and Racing/simulators. Today, its not much racing left in me. I wanna play it safe.
So I haul and Ive hauled ever since I found 18WOS.
2017 I decided to get a youtube channel up and running because of Squirrel. 
I think we all know him and I had been following his videos for a long time and I thought about it a long time before I finally decided to become a youtuber at the age of 47. I guess Im a late bloomer...

And now Im here and the reason Im here is that I wanna evolve my content creation into the next phase.
I want to continue doing what I do on youtube but I also want to make tutorials on things like map creation and map modding, skinning, general hacking to make the games we love even more fun.
I want to start a movement! Get more people involved in the community and at the same time transform the community around the games. Dont get me wrong, I love the community but I also find it very protective and sometimes hostile. Not to me, the community and especially the SCS and Promods forums have been very welcoming, but to other map creators. I want a more open society were map creators encourage each other to create expansions to their work. I want to see more maps connected and a community that together strives towards a global map both for ATS and ETS. Its a goal probably set to high but why aim for the sky when you can aim for the stars?

For absolutly nothing you can continue watching my videos, there will not be any changes to the number of videos I release to youtube.

But things are always iffy in YouTube-land. Ad revenue are coming and going. I want to do this as my full-time job but my main source of cash comes from ad revenue generated by monetized YouTube views. So Patreon is nice to have as a fail-safe. But an even bigger reason I have this Patreon campaign is that I just really get a kick out of doing videos and I want to continue to improve! So the more that is pledged here, the more I can produce, and in turn, your viewing pleasure hopefully increases.

My goal here is to get more people involved in modding and we will get into the world of map creation together, start small and create a road with a nice house by the lake and a forrest in the background, perhaps a couple of gas stations and a nice old lady on a bench witing for a bus that probably never comes... Then connect that road to two other maps, get a city in there, expanding into territory no virtual truck has ever hauled on before. 
But you will also find you early access to my map combos and Im not gonna lie, early access will mean early access and your map may crash on you but... I will also provide updates and fixes when theres issues with the map order.
I wanna get into more reviewing, mainly trucks, trailers and cargo as well as continuing doing maps. But I also like to expand in to reviews of other things like graphics, physics and hardware that enhance the game.

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You're da MAN and you're also Iveco which gives you access to my outtakes and videos that never made it to Youtube. Some of it is funny, some of it is not, most of it is probably horrible!
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In addition to MAN and Iveco benefits you will also get access to the Patreon only Map Creation Series where we together start making maps. The series teaches you everything from how to prepare and enable the map editor to how you create an addon map and a standalone map.  
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