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is creating Hokko Life: A game about creativity, town building & friendship!

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Escape to your very own home away from home in Hokko Life! Hokko Life is a cozy life-sim game currently in development for PC and Mac.

🔨  You’re the designer, and it’s up to you to turn this town into something wonderful! Let your creativity loose; use your designs to decorate, and attract new unique animal friends to town!

✏️ Let loose your creativity and build furniture and other items using a simple editor. Use paints to create T-Shirts and make wallpaper and flooring designs

🌏 Show off your creative skills and share your creations with the community!

🥾 Explore the mine and forest and gather resources you can use in your creations.

🎣 Go Fishing! Catch bigger and better fish to unlock new rewards and customization options!

🦋 Butterfly hunt! Different butterflies come out at different times of day and in different areas. Help your local nature researcher out, build a butterfly house and fill it with all the beautiful creatures you find!

🌱 Got green fingers? Get your hands dirty and start farming, till the soil, plant seeds and watch them grow into tasty fruit and veg. Plant new trees, use them for decoration, or as a source of wood for your creations.

🐼 Unique villagers can’t wait to come by and visit your town! As you build and upgrade, different animals will hop off the train to see what you’re up to. Those you become friends with will want to move in, and it’s up to you as designer to give them a home that’s just right!

I am a developer with over 10 years professional experience at various studios such as Sony and Lionhead, and around 3 years experience as an independent developer.

I've been lucky enough to work on some pretty big franchises like Fable, Wolfenstein, Killzone and Gauntlet too, and over the years I've gained a lot of experience in taking a project from start to finish; knowing what to focus on, and how to build enjoyable experiences for players.

Hokko Life is my first solo project, and I'm hoping to bring everything I've learnt from my past together to make something truly special.

Development of the game is funded entirely through my personal savings, so costs of software licenses and other bits-and-pieces all currently come out of my pocket. These costs add up quite quickly; but by supporting me on Patreon you will be helping lighten this load, therefore ensuring the continued development of the game, and allowing Hokko Life to have the focused development it deserves.

Sweet! You can follow, and get involved in, the development of Hokko Life on these other channels too:

$80 – reached! per month
Reaching this goal means basic things like software and server space for Hokko Life are covered

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
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