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About Wonderlvst Chronicles

Thank you for visiting the official Patreon for The Wonderlvst Chronicles podcast! We can’t tell you how grateful we are that you’ve taken an interest in our show, and while our priority will always be having a great time doing some good ol’ fashioned tabletop gaming with our besties, we hope you’ll consider donating.

“But EJ!” you exclaim. “What could you guys possibly need donations for?!”

Well, sweet, gentle listener, I’m going to tell you.

TWC is something we do in our limited spare time. I write the campaign (during office hours at my Grown Up Job™, shhh), Will devotes a ton of man-hours to creating and maintaining our websites, and Kelly edits and compiles the episodes from wholecloth which, as I’m sure any of you who have ever played D&D know, means listening through hours of audio and snipping out the boring bits while still upholding the integrity of the game. We’re passionate about our game and the friendships that make that game possible, and we want to share it with you as best we can.

TLDR: We wanna get Ashley a recording setup so we don’t have to prop Will’s phone up against our mic anymore.

No but seriously, all donations go toward maintaining our sites and supplying our equipment, including (but not limited to) mics, headphones and D&D manuals.

“But EJ!” you snarl. “What’s in it for me?”

Well, lovely, temperate listener, I’ll tell you.

$1 gives you the satisfaction that we know you like us and we are inspired to continue giving you more great episodes.

$5 means you really like our stories and gets extra audio content, like bloopers and character bois.

We will develop more tiers as time goes by!

Again, thank you so much for listening. We love making this show, and with your support, we can keep making it, and making it better. It’ll grow stronger. Faster. It will turn against its creators. It’s Frankenstein’s monster. Wait, no.

Roll a thank the listeners check!

- EJ McV

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