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Benefits Include:

1 - Free WPS Game Keys

2 - Your name in my YouTube videos

3 - Special role in my discord server

4 - One free non public game of mine

5 - Occasional game testing

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Pouch Gang
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All the same benefits as the Supporter tier.



You will get free access to all my game assets that I or my team makes! If you're interested in creating games and art isn't your thing or you just wanna make a spin off of one of my games this tier is for you :D


I may come to you for advice on how things look in a game or if this is a good feature. By use of twitter, instagram,  patreon, or discord with #pouchgang

Includes Discord rewards
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All the benefits from the previous 2 tiers.


You can give me a small game idea and I will make it for you! (The game can be put into a season if by your request) 

Includes Discord rewards




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About Wonderpouch Studios

Why hello there! 

My name is Tate Mulliner, I'm 19 years young, I'm an aspiring Indie Game Developer and my ultimate personal goal in life is to create video games for a living. My plan is to create "Seasons" of games, like a TV show season. But in this case its 5 or 6 games in a Season and at the end I have a MOBA style game and a Super Smash style game with all of the protagonists and antagonists from the season. And you can play as each of them in an epic clash of the mighty as they will all have personalized abilities that follow their games' story line.

If you decide to be a patron of my work. first, a couple of things I need to say...
1. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
2. I'm a very fast learner so just give me time...my work/content will get better!
3. Long Live Wonderpouch Studios.
$25 of $25 per month
This is an exciting goal for me because I am currently developing my own website! It doesn't cost much to host your own website so this goal isn't a big jump but it is an extremely valuable one. Thank you pouch gang :D

Once again, any amount is appreciated greatly!

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