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About Wong Fu Productions

When we first started Wong Fu Productions, we had no expectations. We weren't expecting to be well known or popular. We weren't expecting to be role models or a voice for Asian Americans in media. We weren't even expecting to get paid!
A lot has changed since those simple days in the mid-2000s. Most for the better! We've created hundreds of videos that have touched millions of peoples' lives around the world. We've worked with countless talented and good-hearted creators. We even made a movie! It's been an amazing ride that we're infinitely grateful for.
But a lot has also changed to make things harder for channels like us to exist. Many creators on the space are just trying to shock and click-bait their way to popularity to make millions of dollars from ads. Big corporations and even celebrities have crossed into the YouTube space, and smaller channels like us have been pushed aside.
Thankfully we've been able to adapt, and with the support of our fans, we've continued to be the channel you know and love, putting quality before quantity, story before sensation, through all these obstacles. And for the most part, we can continue to do this, the same way. But we want to do so much more!

We want to venture beyond just making a sketch here and there, and maybe one big series/project a year. We want to venture outside telling just our stories from within Wong Fu. We want to venture into the future by bringing up new talent from a new generation. We want to be more than the channel we currently are by adding these new ventures. Add Ventures will lead to Adventures! So we are starting a special division called Wong Fu Ventures!

  • NEW multi-episodic series! Similar to "Just Another Nice Guy" last summer, we want to build out full shows and not just one a year. Imagine a Wong Fu Channel with multiple shows you love, like browsing Netflix!
  • NEW pilots developed with other creators! We will expand outside of WF and use the money from Patreon to enable other creators voices and ideas. An actor/writer/director who needs help in developing, we can work with them to make their stories come to life!
  • NEW series on our 2nd channel! We want to dive deeper into "More Wong Fu" with content like mini-docs and travel shows.
  • Community YOUTH OUTREACH PROGRAMS! We will work with local schools to host workshops and events to enable and inspire the youth to pursue the arts. We want to invest in the Future!
  • DEVELOP NEW TALENT! We will put resources into reaching out and finding rising talent. Whether it's an actor/vlogger/musician/filmmaker, we know that progress for representation doesn't end with us. There are so many amazing creators out there and we want to share our platform!

We have all these goals! Why can't we just do them now??
Wong Fu already works around the clock JUST to keep the channel going as it has been the past 10 years. One sketch a month, maybe one series a year, a weekly Lunch Break, and that's it. That's all we can do with the team, crews, and bills we're paying. That's all we can do with the money we're generating through sporadic brand deals and an unpredictable Adsense payment.
Patreon would allow us to rely less on those revenue streams, and give us more to work with so that we can take on these new ventures!
If you have the means to contribute, that's great; we'd love for you to join our community. And anytime you feel like you want to pause/end your membership, no worries! Everything will help!

Like all new big ventures that need public support, there are "shareholders". But in our case, instead of each contributor possessing a share, they possess "care". You care about seeing Wong Fu continue and expand. You care about Wong Fu being a part of your life and other people's lives. Now we want to show you we care about you by making the best possible content with your contribution. Thank you for your generosity, your confidence, and your care! We won't let you down!
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At 1500 careholders, we will begin organizing our first community/youth workshop event! WFForward is just as much about enabling the future, as it is about enabling us!
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