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Buckskin Revolution is about making the world a better place by inspiring people to live a wilder, more sustainable, more connected life. It strives to foster connection to our deeper selves, our human community, and the greater than human world. Its mission is to remind people what it is to be human within the context of the wilder world; to foster empowerment and resiliency through sharing the skills our ancestors; and inspire the sense of connection that we evolved to have over the course of millennia of hunting, gathering and living in deep relationship with the natural world.

My name is Woniya Thibeault, and I am the woman behind Buckskin Revolution. I have been studying ancestral and primitive skills since the mid 1990's and teaching them for over 20 years.  I have lived a lot of my adult life off grid and without refrigeration. I work to incorporate wild, hunted, gathered and home grown foods into my diet, I tan deer hides for clothing, I weave willow baskets, I spin and knit my own yarn, and practice natural building and other similar land based skills. With a higher education in biology and botany and a Master's in Environmental Science, I work to incorporate a love for and understanding of the natural world into my practices and teaching and share all the skills I have gained from a life lived wilder than average.

In 2018 I had the opportunity to put my skills to the ultimate test when I participated in Season 6 of "Alone" on the History Channel. I was dropped by myself into the wilderness just below the arctic circle with minimal gear and almost no food. I survived by myself for 73 days hunting and gathering from the land, and filmed the whole experience myself. The show is a competition, and there were 9 others facing the same challenges. I came in as the runner up, staying longer than anyone but the one man to manage to take large game in the history of the show. While I have a strong background in the skills of wilderness survival, I believe that my success was more due to my love of the experience, my naturalist mindset and my connection to the place itself than to my physical skills

Since the show, hundreds of people have reached out to me to tell me how inspired they were watching me. It is become increasingly clear how much my journey touched the world. I believe this was because of my attitude, the sense of connection and joy I felt out there, and how different that looked than your typical "suffering your way through in spite of it all" survival show experience.

Wanting to give people somewhere constructive to take the inspiration they felt, I decided to create a YouTube channel to share my skills and practices with a wider audience, as well as to do more public speaking and more writing projects.

Earning any money, much less a real living, on Youtube is very challenging. I am not the kind of flashy, tech savvy Youtube creator that goes viral and gets a ton of views. I am not willing to compromise the quality of my content nor tether myself to a computer and lose the wilder, freer life I am espousing in order to become a YouTube success. At the same time, it is important to me to keep sharing good content and inspiring people in as many ways as I can. Since the Corona Virus pandemeic I have doubled my efforts. Patreon funding has allowed me to continue to produce content for youtube, and supported me in branching into online courses that go deeper than my youtube videos can.

I believe that what I am doing matters to the world. I believe that remembering where we come from as humans and practicing ancestral skills heals something inside us as well as something in the greater world. It serves us as individuals, a people, and a planet.

Learning these skills and connecting with the wild inside us and around us in these modern times is a revolutionary act. Your support helps further the Buckskin Revolution!

Viva la revolution!
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