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Wonkette is woman-owned and truly independent; we have no VC funding, no grants — we don’t even take ads! We rely only on the kindness of liberal strangers to pay our writers a living wage and keep yelling cusses at power!

We've been around since 2004, when Gawker founded us; they sold Wonkette to a dude who sold it to me (Rebecca) in 2012. Since then, we've hired Doktor Zoom and Evan full-time, Robyn and my husband Shy part-time, and a cast of hilarious and SMRT scoundrels on a near-full-time freelance basis. We've been ad-free since 2017, and we usually post about 10 to 12 times PER DAY, on news, politics, policy, SMART THINGS AND STUFF, all from a foul-mouthed liberal POV. 

Wonkette is not for everyone. But the people we're for? YOU LIKE US. YOU REALLY LIKE US. Please give us some money.
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Help me bring one of our part-timers full-time, including with kickass healthcare. (Yes, I'll be delighted to switch to Medicare for All as soon as that's possible.) 
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