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My name is Adam Noe and I'm creating custom wood pieces in Lexington, KY. I've been woodworking seriously for about two years and I've just been sucking up as much information as possible in that time frame. I admire a lot of woodworkers out there and really appreciate their craftsmanship. My purpose in putting out content is to share my talents while they may need honing like a hand plane does, once it's done, it can create a smooth master piece. I post frequent YouTube project videos ranging from popular woodworking projects, to educational tips, organizational and many other areas. Really just about anything that involves woodworking to make a piece to fill a need. I hope you will come along and join me in this learning experience.
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Once we reach $500 per month, we'll do a project/collaboration with the person who has donated the most which will include recognition during the filming as well as they will walk away with the woodshaped item in hand!
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