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i give thanks to anyone who supports me in this journey to make music and content possible money is always a issue to have food and shelter over my head and be relaxed enough to create good content collaborate with other artists, ill sing or rap a shout out for anyone who supports i and i.
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hey this is hal9000 from Wooly Mammoth Productions
aka runaway train productions

thank you for stopping by i appreciate your time,attention,love and support.

I am a hip hop MC i write lyrics everyday, try to practice piano everyday, produce beats everyday ,im making this patreon so I can be my own publisher and distribution and keep in the game for a long time.

to provide myself with food and shelter i go commercial fishing in the summer work five am to midnight for fifty days straignt its so intense but then i get free time to produce all winter ,i am very blessed to be able to do this.
  this affords me some cash to live on and get by as making money off music is very tuff

i have been working slash woofing on farms for last two and a half seasons all over were i live as well so I can keep healthy eat good food and breath fresh air

this page is to generate income to create more music for everyone to enjoy ,for me to produce other artists content,
and to make short films as I am learning that from studying you tube, so i can make shout out short films for people who support me.
skateboard videos.
anything  interesting I can  document and create content

so that being said welcome to my patreon page hope you enjoy this creator content thanks so much for stopping by


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$0 of $300 per month
put out my album and run ads for three months

i have the tracks almost ready to get mixed

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