Michael Wooten is creating Art

$1 /creation
My undying love and gratitude. It may not be a lot, but if enough people give a dollar a month, it can make a big difference.

$2 /creation
Access to my patron-only feed.
See my work in progress, my sketches, read my ideas and read about the events that I am trying to capture.

$10 /creation
-Everything in the lower rewards plus:
-Art tutorials.
Step by step process videos or articles.

$25 /creation
-Everything in the lower rewards plus:
-Google Hangout.
Hangout with me and watch as I paint live. Ask questions, talk with me while I work. (Once per month).

$50 /creation
-Everything in the lower rewards plus:
-Discount on a piece of art.
Take 25% off of a select collection of art.

$100 /creation
-Everything in the lower rewards plus:
-Show Catalog.
I plan on making a small run of show catalogs featuring some of my sketches and the final paintings from my show.

$200 /creation
-Everything in the lower rewards plus:
-Sneak Peek. 
You will get to see the show before anyone else. Before I open the show to the public you will get an exclusive sneak peek. (You will need...