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I provide an open chat network to discuss the current transits , Nutrition and therapy discussions. I will start a topic discussion with other patreons and you and we can learn from one another , You could give me inputs on other videos you would want me to put out there <3 

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For a $5 access / Month , I provide an answer to one question/ month for your astrology chart by voicenote to your inbox .

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I am Wellness Coach, practicing in Mumbai, India since the last 8 years and have been posting content for the overall wellbeing of an individual. 

I provide practical tools of understanding the application of different approaches of healing modalities that are available in the field of Astrology - Health- Movement - Therapy and Spirituality.

I believe that ,"small changes lead to big results" and that an individual should stay realistic and "centered" to avoid disappointments in achieving their goals. 

I provide two different types of Astrology readings which allow the individual to tap into their self and the potential of the self . With this psychological map the client can easily understand their karma to fulfil and take the necessary steps to accommodate and equip themselves to accept the changes life brings and stay in the Rhythm of Life . In my videos I speak about the transits and its effects on the collective karma which is on hand for an individual , I also vlog about the nature of astrology and its impact on the being. Once you find the Cause, you can easily tackle the effects!

In the domain of health , I speak and also personally mentor and consult a client, about the different concepts of diets, and how they should be applied based on their current lifestyle choices. Different diet modalities are picked out and explained about their "conditions for application". This space will discuss different food groups and their application for energy creation to support "Health and Build Immunity"

In the domain of Movement , different exercise techniques will be discussed. Ranging from exercises performed through spot movements and their benefit. Experts are called out in different fields to explain how to train in accordance to diet and lifestyle.

In the domain of Therapy, A series is created with Experts from alternative medicine such as Ayurveda, homeopathy, TCM (chinese therapy), aromatherapy , Skin care and more to explain what approach the therapy takes and how an individual can direct themselves to apply the changes in their life.

This part of the channel playlist is dedicated to speaking about philosophical and psychological concepts and their basic application in daily life.
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