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About Patrick

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Hi there. My name is Patrick and I run the Worldbuilding Workshop a site dedicated to exploring the captivating hobby that is worldbuilding. The site aims to consolidate various resources for worldbuilding into one location and present them in interesting ways to readers as well as share some of the techniques and methods I have learned and developed over time.

Currently I try to find time to develop content when I can, but a constantly on the move lifestyle and a work-on-site job, often without internet access means this can be hard to do. With some support I would be able to dedicate more time to producing content, working on resources and developing the site ( and perhaps a community built around worldbuilding? ;) )

Rebuild Site

I would love to rebuild the site as a standalone site independent from Wordpress to have more freedom with design and to improve its look and feel.


One day I hope to set up a forum to build a community for the site. I've already had some interest about this and its something I'll be looking to set up when the time is right


Content will include guides and tutorials, a let's build series, inspiration, features on useful programs and resources as well as links to useful content and resources. I am keen for this blog to serve its readers and so will respond to requests and directions as well as put more time into areas which are more popular.

The Future

I would like to expand the blog, updating more frequently, hosting columns by guest writers, expand into more general writing guides. I would also like to rebuild the site in a more professional manner and set up a community along side it.

In a dream world this would become something of a part time job with a revenue stream to support world travels. What could be better than a job you love that provides the ability to travel the world.

Thanks so much for all your support.

*I'm unsure of what people would like for their rewards. If you have an idea or anything you'd like to see, send me a message and if its possible, I'll add it at the appropriate level.*
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Just $3 a month would cover the cost of the domain name. Thank you very much for your contribution.
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