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About World of Keralis

Welcome to the official World of Keralis Patreon page!

If you're new to World of Keralis, we are renowned for our creative server builds and the internet celebrity that is Keralis himself! psst...Check his youtube out here

For those familar with WoK - We need your support to keep us running - And you can do this for as little as $1! per month (we just need a few people though, which I'm sure we can manage, because you're awesome!).

What is Patreon?
It's a subscription service (which you can cancel at any time!), allowing you to support the future of WoK, and in return get something out of it as well.

In return for your support, we can promise you this:

  • An awesome community (duhh...You guys! Yes you reading this right now!)
  • Spectacular builds (something we're quite famous for /humble brag)
  • Monthly E-Newsletter
    • Showcasing build of the month
    • Showcasing city of the month
    • Updates about the future of WoK, and what the next step is for us
  • Access to a Discord Patreon only channel
  • Discord role to make you stand out (because you're awesome! Did I mention that?)
    • Coloured name in-game too
  • Access to world downloads

Ok - So what will my money go towards?
In a nutshell: All the bills that WoK has to pay.
  • Server cost
    • Contributions will help towards funding more storage space for a bigger map
    • More storage space will not only enable a bigger map, but also we can keep more saved worlds for you!
  • Website cost (Custom website replacement coming soon)
  • Future development of WoK - We can't promise specifics, but there is so much we want to do. There are awesome plans for the future of WoK, but unfortunately it's all tied to money! 
    • When we make progress, we'll keep you updated in the Newsletter!
  • So much more! But don't worry, we'll ensure you'll be kept up to date.

Remember - Without YOU there is no WoK :( 

Stay awesome,
WoK Staff.
100% complete
To support WoK each month, we would need $72 in donations - This would cover all of the fees and taxes.
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