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About World Peace Engine

We are building the world's first Virtual Online Encyclopedia you can walk through... The Cloud Atlas

What if the world was run by the people?

What if the first Artificial General Intelligence was a Geographic Information System (GIS) combined with the world's greatest, multilingual, open-collaborative online encyclopedia?

Aligned with the Human Rights, the Fundamental Rights, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Law…

Created, fact-checked and supervised by yourself…* 

*Open Source / Community developed – natural language and drag & drop programming for non-technicians, C++ coding for technicians, developers, specialists, and scientists…

What if this Artificial General Intelligence was a polymath? (a Renaissance Man), having the deepest knowledge of all disciplines that mankind has to offer available and was a specialist in the fields of S.T.E.M.* and H.A.S.S.**

* S.T.E.M. = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
** H.A.S.S. = Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences

What if this Artificial General Intelligence wouldn’t decide anything, but was a strategic sparring partner, in peaceful collaboration and consultation but also competition and loyal opposition with the actual 250 presidents/chancellors/kings/queens/heads of government and the other 25.000* people who are responsible for 8 Billion people around the world?

*Imagine that today, 8 billion people, split into around 250 countries, are administrated by around less than 100 top authorities in each country. That equals globally less than 25.000 people in charge of 8 Billion people.

What if 8 Billion people were in charge of 8 Billion people? Every voice heard and even answered?

Let's find it out together...*

*maybe it's 'True Democracy'...

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