Dr. Dos

is creating an online museum for the Worlds of ZZT
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Thank you for your support! You're helping keep ZZT alive. As a patron you're able to vote in a monthly poll for which ZZT world should receive a Closer Look article. Plus access a Patrons only channel on the Worlds of ZZT Discord server!

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At this level of support, you'll gain access to Patrons only blog posts featuring summaries and previews of what's to come with the Museum of ZZT site and Zookeeper library. You'll also receive early access to read the latest article before its officially published!

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Congratulations! You've unlocked the five purple doors and will have exclusive access to the ongoing development of the Museum of ZZT website. You can read all completed articles before they're published plus receive access to an infrequently  updated beta version of the site. Includes all previous rewards

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About Dr. Dos

Full details on the whats and whys of this project can be found at: https://pokyfriends.com/blog/20/worlds-of-zzt-patreon

Hello, I'm Dr. Dos, the creator of Worlds of ZZT. ZZT was what got me interested in programming as a child, and I've been playing, making, and studying ZZT worlds for nearly 20 years.

This Patreon account goes towards funding the preservation and curation of ZZT and its community.

  • Museum of ZZT - A new z2 inspired website to archive and curate ZZT worlds
  • Zookeeper - A Python library for working with ZZT worlds
  • Closer Looks - A series of articles taking a detailed look at various ZZT worlds.

If you have an interest in making sure that ZZT is preserved for the ages, your pledge can go a long way!

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