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Licensed Printers - Print and Sell any of our assets you have purchased including all of the Patreon Assets you have received. 

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We are Bad Tentacles Studios creators of the Worlds Over Run product line, as artist we have a deep passion for art of all types but for the geek in us we love Tabletop Gaming and 3D Modeling and as a result of this passion Bad Tentacles Studios was born!!! Bad Tentacles Studios is a division of Haldane Creations, LLC and has ran several successful Kickstarter campaigns where we have combined our passions for tabletop gaming and RPG with 3D modeling. We really enjoy working on projects that we are truly passionate about, and with backers that really care for the worlds that we create!  During our Kickstarters, we interacted with backers to develop the environment of the worlds as well as the models, we feel this aspect of the project really improved the final design and the usability of our models, as a result with our backers help we were able to create some amazing terrain.

Sculpted by Eric Askue
Starting in July of 2019 each month we will be releasing 3D printable STL files for our Patrons, to print on their own 3D printers at home and to be able to use them in their adventures and war games. If you need some amazing terrain, a new gun emplacement or even a new monster for your next D&D adventure, come and visit us and see what we do and if you like what you see please feel free to join us!Why Patreon? Patreon allows us more time to focus our efforts on creating sculpts and terrain for fans of tabletop gaming. It would allow us more interaction with our supporters in order to create amazing terrain and characters that our supporters want.

What do you get in return for your patronage?
Each month we will be releasing a set of 3D printable STL files for you to print off and use in your tabletop gaming.

  • As soon as your payment goes through, you will have access to the Starter packages (see below) The starter packs are a collection of sculpts you can download and print straight away.
  • Each month we will release a set of sculpts as 3d printable stl files. As soon as your payment goes through you will have access to that month files as well as future releases (as long as you continue supporting)
  • Get to vote on polls
  • Join our community of patrons and help support what we do.
  • Additionally each month you will get images, WIP shots, as well as early access to free files we upload to Gumroad and Thingiverse.
The types of sculpts we will be producing will be collectables, display pieces and war/roleplay games miniatures. we will be sculpting mostly fantasy/ sci-fi, creatures and characters compatible with D&D 3.5, 5th ed and Pathfinder, (plus other popular tabletop games) as well as terrain for your tabletop. If you would like to see something let us know.

You will be able to vote in polls to suggest new projects and themes for the upcoming months. Join a community of like-minded patrons that love gaming and support what we do.
During the month you will get regular updates, WIP images, as well as early access to files that will be uploading to our website or Thingiverse via a Dropbox link.

The type of models we will be creating will be collectibles, display pieces, terrain, and miniatures. We will be aiming to produce models for historical, fantasy/sci-fi themed tabletop games and RPG games. We would like to tackle any kind of theme that comes along, so if there's something you would like to see us do, let us know. I'm sure there will be others wanting the same thing too!

Sculpted by Eric Askue
Starter Package details:

As soon as your first payment goes through you will have access to the starter packages  The currently packages are listed below and consists of downloadable (STL files) sculpts for 3d printing, and as more goals are hit more sculpts will be added.

Starter Pack #1
The InfernoVore Tier and above will have access to this starter pack, this pack consists of five assets and will have more added as we reach new goals.

The following models are included in this starter pack:

Starter Pack #1
  • Gaslands Road barriers set of 12 20mm/28mm
  • Open & Closed Chest 28mm
  • Gaslands Weapons Pack
  • Sci-Fi Radar Dish 28mm
  • Overseas Container 20mm (Gaslands)

Starter Pack #2
The MortoVore Tier and above will have access to this starter pack, this pack consists of eight assets and will have more added as we reach new goals.

The following models are included in this starter pack:

Starter Pack #2
  • The Forgotten Well 28mm
  • Thorn Portal 28mm
  • Fantasy Beacon 28mm
  • The Reaper from the Inferno Kickstarter
  • The Thorn Spire (Terrain Asset)
  • Thorn Mini Prime 28mm
  • The Temple Library 28mm
  • Fantasy Bar set, our version of one 28mm

Please feel free to take a look at our Kickstarters:

WOR Catalog Two: 3D Printable Tabletop Terrain -
"Worlds Over Run" 3D printed Tabletop Terrain -

We can be contacted via: 

Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:
Twitter: @worldsoverrun
IG: worldsoverrun
Pinterest: worldsoverrun
Youtube: worldsoverrun
Twitch: worldsoverrun
Website: and
email: [email protected] and [email protected]

Haldane Creations, LLC can be contacted via:

Facebook Page:
Facebook Group: 
Twitter: @haldanecreation
IG: @3dprintterrain
Pinterest: haldanecreations
Youtube: haldanecreations
Twitch: haldanecreations
email: [email protected] or [email protected]

When will I be billed?
As soon as you sign up you will be charged for the amount dependent on the tier you choose, and after that, you will be billed at the beginning of each month.

Sculpted by Eric Askue Worlds Over Run

At the end of each month, we will send out a poll consisting of a selection of ideas pulled from suggestions from Patrons. The poll will consist of about 10 potential ideas or designs for us to model and sculpt. All Patrons from Journeyman Tier and upwards will be able to vote for their favorite one. We will then model and sculpt the most voted or time permitting, up to the top 3 most voted. The winning ideas will be announced at the start of each month.

How will I get my files?
At the beginning of each month after peoples payments have gone through I will post a dropbox link with the folder containing the STL files created from the previous month's project. The link will be active for 30 days (please make sure you download the files as once the link expires you won't be able to get access to the files)

The one exception to this is our starter package, there will be a dropbox link in the post section that can be accessed by all patron supporters.  If you are having trouble finding the links go to the post section and click on the tag for (starter package).

Additional information on tiers:
With the exception of the Merchant Tier (please see below), the STL files provided are all for non-commercial use, they are for personal use only and can not be redistributed, edited or sold for financial gain.

We want to thank you all for your support, patrons or casual browsers. It means the world to us that you would consider parting with some of your hard earned cash to help us do what we love, sculpt and design for all of you. If you can't afford to become a Patron then that's fine any support you can offer is gratefully received, whether in words of encouragement, sharing our social media pages, or sending us images of sculpts of ours you have printed.

Thank you all,
Eric Askue and the WOR Team

Sculpted by Eric Askue Worlds Over Run

WOR - Merchant Tier Licensed Printer
The WOR - Merchant Tier Licensed Printer will allow you to sell 3D prints of our models and sculpts for profit. This doesn't allow molds to be made for mass production of casts. You can sell prints of any of the sculpts released via Patreon. As long as you are signed up for this tier you can sell prints of my work if at any time you want to stop you can just cancel your Patreon support. However, please note, We reserve the right to remove supporters from this tier at my own discretion. Part of the agreement also includes that you will, whenever you're posting on your website, or on social media etc., will credit us (We are a Licensed Printer for Worlds Over Run - Designed & Sculpted by Bad Tentacles Studios: Worlds Over Run ) as the sculptor and creator of the works. We would also appreciate it if from time to time you would post a link to our social media accounts Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, youtube, twitch or Patreon pages!

Our Licensed Printer program for our Kickstarter projects are run on our other Patreon page WOR - Licensed Printer Program located here.

Below are some of the Terrain designed by Bad Tentacles Studios!

Sculpted by Eric Askue

WOR STRATA - Elevate your gaming! Designed by Worlds Over Run

Terrain from WOR Grove Designed by Worlds Over Run

The Trees of Grove Designed by Worlds Over Run

Terrain from WOR Scorch Designed by Worlds Over Run

The Thorn MegaMaw Designed by Worlds Over Run

Designed by Worlds Over Run

Designed by Worlds Over Run

Designed by Worlds Over Run
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We are so humbled by all of your support and as a thank you  a piece of scatter terrain of some kind will be added to Starter Pack #1, a an additional tile set added to Starter Pack #2 and a large asset to Starter Pack #3.
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