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World ViewZ Media Vison by Robert Dakota

The original impulse for World ViewZ was the love of travel; meeting new people, new cultural perspectives, taste exotic foods, sharing differences, experiencing diverse Nature, and learning a great deal about yourself in the process. To share your own neck of the woods with others is very exciting to see people enjoy themselves in Nature that you hold dear.
Robert Dakota, Founder of World ViewZ Media is a social media videographer, multi-media visual artist, and mosaicists with a vision: to connect mother earth people from around the world through sacred journey’s, conscious media networking channels, and multi-media visual art installations.

Robert’s inspiration for World ViewZ and other spiritually inspired projects was sparked by his own spirits calling that was an education beginning as early 16, that was finally shaped by the works of writer and mythologist, Joseph Campbell, whose writings he studied while earning a graduate degree in Theology.
He subsequently began traveling around the world studying and learning about different spiritual traditions & mythologies first hand. Even while experiencing the uniqueness of each culture & tradition, he found a common passion among us all for art, music, dance & play. Also universally common is sacred realms, ceremony, and working with divine elements.
My vision is to connect people from around the world through conscious media networking channels, multi-media visual art installation events, sacred journey’s, transformational seminars as well as retreats nature experiences to support Mother Earth and her people.

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I am working to re-create the whole experience with World ViewZ Culture Exchange conscious social media site which will include revamping the sites, brand, marketing, SEO, new media equipment, as well as maintaining the studio together with building a reliable production team to be able to launch seminars, events, and sacred journey's.

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