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If you were to trace esports back to its origin point, you would eventually find yourself at 1991 and Street Fighter II. That was the first instance of a head-to-head game that both set scores aside in favor of a more direct means of determining a winner and loser, and managed to be compelling enough to make the distinction matter. That one game, as well as the wave of competitors that emerged in its wake virtually overnight, would build the foundation of what we now know as the fighting genre. In fact, some of those foundational games from the early to mid 1990s are still being played to this day, such as Street Fighter II` Hyper Fighting (1992), Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1994), Street Fighter Alpha 2 (1996), and Vampire Savior (1997).

Unfortunately, although these games are still being played, support has waned dramatically from the heart of the very community they helped to build, replaced at the most prominent levels by newer games that all too often fail to stand the same test of time. That is where World Warriors aims to step in. World Warriors aims to support the most proven games and legacies in the fighting genre, supporting them with the same level of coverage and information that other titles get elsewhere. This is not a move to compete with other prominent fighting game websites, as we are all one community at the end of the day, working to prop up a broader collective. Rather, this is to provide a correction of sorts in restoring and maintaining a strong connection between the genre's history and its present.

Of course, no such hub can survive without its own unique characteristics. World Warriors aims to carve its place in the fighting game community as an information center above all else, where video tutorials, tournament matches, and more are gathered and organized by-hand for the most immediate and convenient access possible. This ever-growing library of content is key to World Warriors' success and identity. Operating and maintaining it is, however, a painstaking process that may be unsustainable without some measure of financial backing.

This brings us into some dicey territory. In order for World Warriors to succeed and thrive in the long haul, it must never become a business. The moment decisions start being made based on what games get the most streaming viewers or the highest tournament attendance is the moment it ceases to function as a bastion of support for the most central foundational games of the community. Putting the site's defining feature behind a pay wall, or installing intrusive ads that only serve to reduce the site's overall functionality, creates an implicit "us against you" dynamic that is frankly unacceptable. By favoring the Patreon model of voluntary donations, this becomes a partnership, which is far more consistent with World Warriors' vision.

Thank you for your support, I look forward to seeing where this journey takes us and the games we love.


-Patrick Mifflin
Executive Editor, World Warriors
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