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About oniisan

Hey there~! This Oniisanbomber —
the creator of World War Waifu; a fun and family-friendly
webcomic about cute anime girls.

Share this comic with your parents!
(If you get disowned, it’s not my fault)

For real though, I create webcomics about historical figures like Jesus and Stalin as cute anime girls (and a certain German dictator in waifu form) and going to school. Imagine being classmates with Jesus, Stalin and a certain German dictator.

Have a look below for some free episodes!

But creating webcomics demands as much time as a full-time job (more time than a full-time job, really), so I had to figure something out so that I could keep delivering episodes about Stalin and Jesus as cute girls.

I hate asking for money, but reality (aka my landlord) isn’t so kind. I want to keep creating World War Waifu comics for you guys (and other moe stuff). To start with, I decided to set up a $500 goal. Anyone who contributes to the initial $500 will get voting rights for a new character and a special preview!

But it’s never about the money. Creating a comic to get rich in today’s economy is insanity. It’s about making someone happier because they’ve read a comic about Jesus as a cute girl.

If you’re here for the first time, check out some samples of World War Waifu below! To those who have already joined, thank you so much, and please look forward to a lot more moe content coming soon~

There will even be stuff we can’t post on Webtoons ;)

Check out the reward tiers!

At $2 you’ll get early access to one episode.

At $5 you get early access to two episodes,
behind-the-scenes blog posts and voting rights for polls.

And at $10, you transform into a cute girl — no just kidding.
At the $10 tier you will get the everything in the previous tiers, along with the official World War Waifu light novel, entry into the Prayer Pub Club, and other future addictive content that we’re working hard on!
$29.73 of $500 per month
Introduce a new WWW character with your input!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts

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