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World Wide Hack is a hacking simulation game combining realistic but enjoyable hacking in competitive (PvP, PvE) and cooperative multiplayer, dynamic world and story in one unique game experience. We want to provide possibility to all IT enthusiast to join and together feel true atmosphere and power of hacking decisions and it's consequences.

We are in second half on this road to bring this experience to you, but to finish game, mainly in better quality and shorter time, we need your help! There is a lot of potential to create more mechanics, possibilities to more strategies, more story content, engaging quests and realistic world and it's living NPCs. But to fully use this potencial so you can experience it, we need to spend more time on design, creation and integration. So to finish game, your help is trully needed!

You can find more information about game on our page

We are team of 5 people - developer, game designer, story writer, graphic designer and sound designer. Most of us work on game only part-time as we need to cover our life expenses somewhere else.

This game idea is so important for us, we know, we will finished this road no matter what. We always wanted to play game like this and could not find anything on market. Games were either too complicated and realistic on expense on enjoyment and fast game, or too simple and too far from real hacking feeling. And combiniation with multiplayer in realistic world - that was just wishfull thinking. But now, we can't wait to finally play this awesome idea manifested in game with all of you. Our budget (and you) will decide when and what potential of game will be really used and what must be left and not used. 

Therefore, we created this patreton, so you can join us on this road and help us to bring best version of this game to you and whole community of people, who can't wait for this game experience to come out!
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Our first goal is to focus on community. Reaching this goal, we will dedicate special lot of time to grow our community to make multiplayer more enjoyable (as we need players to enjoy multiplayer fully) and organize after every release (every month) event to test and enjoy new features, mechanics and content.
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