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is creating a way for our support to help us get Predators off the street!
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With $1.00 a month you will have access to all live videos.  You will be given a Worldwide Predator Decal also.  



About Worldwide Predator Hunters

Worldwide Predator Hunters has created this channel for our Patrons so they can help us in our mission of exposing child predators by using our footage and evidence to get them off the streets. We are Worldwide Predator Hunters. We pride ourselves on being professionals and skilled in what we do. Our Patrons are able to follow us on Facebook and YouTube, view real-time Live streams of our busts, as well as post-bust live streamed briefings. Our Patrons will play a CRUCIAL role in helping us keep our children safe from these offenders by supplying us with the necessary gear and funding to continue the much needed service we provide. YOU as our Patrons will be the foundation of our organization and will be right there with our wonderful Hunters Live every step of the way.

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