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About Worst Bestsellers

Worst Bestsellers is a podcast where Kait, Renata, and a guest talk about popular books of questionable quality. It’s kind of like How Did This Get Made? or Mystery Science Theater 3000, but for books. 

We want to be clear about something: we’re not snobs, honestly. If somebody only ever reads James Patterson books, or vampire books, or magazines: more power to them, we say. We’re reading these books because we’re curious about what’s popular, and also, reading these books gives us a better idea of what’s popular and how to give good readers advisory. We make jokes about the books we read, but our intent is never to make fun of readers.

We've been coming out with a bi-weekly podcast (plus a few bonus episodes) since September 2014! We make a small amount of money through the Amazon affiliate links on our website, we but run a free and ad-free podcast. (Despite our running joke, we have never taken--nor been offered--money from Christian Mingle dot com).

Your support will cover our hosting costs, as well as the cost of when we have to buy used books for 1 cent on Amazon because our local libraries have already discarded the books we want to read. (Or when we have to actually purchase Grey because there are too many holds on it and we wanted to talk about it when it was still popular. For example.) It will also help us pay our editor Becca for her many hours editing out all the times Duarte knocks over Renata's microphone. Also, it will allow us to purchase adult beverages to help us cope with our literary life choices.

Thanks so much for your support, Best Listeners!

Here's What Our Fans Say
"You're going to pay everyone $1 to listen to your podcast? How's that going to work? Oh, you want them to pay you $1? I don't know..."
-- Renata's mom

"Are you panhandling? Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed."
-- Kait's mom

-- Duarte

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Julie of the Werewolves
Kait quits her job to write Julie of the Werewolves full time.
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