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About Worst Millennials

Hi, everyone!  My name is Damon and I am the host of Podbros Network's Worst Millennials.  Worst Millennials is an adult-oriented podcast that touches upon pop culture, politics, and other woes us twentysomethings face.  The show is slowly increasing in popularity, but I would like for it to increase exponentially.  That's why I am asking for help from listeners, friends, and kind millennials to become a patron of Worst Millennials and help increase the production value of the show.  That means new mics, headphones, and even advertising!  This way, the show can be heard by more people.  Of course, the benefit isn't entirely for me!  Patrons of the show will receive various tier-based rewards, depending on what you decide to pledge.  

Check out the show below.  Please keep in mind that the show is very much NSFW:

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We want to give you the best possible product we can every week.  To do this, we need to improve our audio equipment and get another hard drive for storage (the better the sound, the larger the file).  
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