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8 Bit Small Tip

$1 /creation
Smallest increment allowed by patreon is a dollar. Which if we reach 4 vids/mo. equals $4. Realistically I think we'll be doing 2-3 videos a month. But remember, Patreon lets you cap your monthly c...

16 Bit Textbook Teaser

$2 /creation
Want early sneak peaks of the woodworking textbook we have in development? Well those contributing $2/vid towards the cause will get just that as I'll post a snippet here every time I finish a chap...

24 Bit Extravaganza

$3 /creation
To show my appreciation for the $3 level of patreonage you guys and gals will get stuff designed and made by wortheffort. A couple times a year I'll do a mass mailer to all patreons at this level a...