Andrew Karpushin & minitelrose

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exclusive website content

per month
  • remove all ads when logged in the website
  • gives access to website exclusive content
    - for example all heatmaps are unlocked
    - doesn’t include the apps or webapps, such as armor inspector or map inspector.
  • opens a personal private replay storage
    - allows to upload private replays (tag #me in the name).
    - these are only visible to you and to those you gave the direct link
    - when subscription ends the private replays do not expire, only the ability to add new private replays.
  • opens discord patron exclusive channel with news and discussions about the future.
  • pays the server costs
    - finances data mining from replays, instead of using numbers from WG or from the game files
    - such data mining is currently used to make heatmaps, and next it could be custom stats (which map do you win the most?), etc... so we hope this is successful
    - allows everyone to benefit from the website.
Includes Discord benefits

armor inspector

per month
  • everything above
  • unlocks all of armor inspector app both in website and mobile

    - blitz, PC or console
    - select any tank
    - select any guns, ammo and read penetration chances,
    - view armor and modules,
    - view HE penetration and damage
    - view ram damage
    - how many shots to destroy a module or to kill a tank, - and much more !
Includes Discord benefits

map inspector

per month
  • all of the above
  • unlocks all of map inspector app both in website and mobile
  • gives tester role and lets you test future tools if you so decide

    - blitz and PC
    - watch and share any replay, including old obsolete versions
    - export shots from replays into armor inspector and study where they hit and why they bounced or penetrated
    - visualise real time team viewrange, camo range, fire range
    - modify a replay by moving a tank and see the different result
    - study heatmaps and overlay heatmaps upon your replays (soon)
    - make and share strategy drawings
    - check line of sight
    - mesure distances
    - and much more !
Includes Discord benefits




per month

About Andrew Karpushin & minitelrose

Andrew plays WoT PC and minitelrose plays WoT blitz.
we are the creators of helps new players understand the game, it helps advanced players analyze and improve their games.
wotinspector offers the most complete tools to explore the mechanics and models of the world of tanks franchise for PC, console, or blitz.

We are players, funded by players, and we make it for the players.
you can connect with us on discord
and you can check my youtube (erm, I am slow with content there) :

Only your support will allow the project to continue.
It takes a huge amount of work to explore the game inners and develop these tools.  server and other expenses come at a high cost. if you fund wotinspector, more tools will be available to more players, and we will make sure to continue updating and coming up with more stuff !

We are players, indepandant from is the creator and owner of the world of tanks series.
$320.56 of $1,000 per month
We will publish heatmaps tools that will allow you to create your personal heatmaps both for WoT PC and Blitz
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