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About Fox and Raven Media

Most of us all enjoy well-written fiction, and if you've made it to this page you probably enjoy it even more than most. Fantasy and Sci-Fi have provided us with more than just an escape from our ordinary, mundane lives; we get to live in someone else’s world, a different universe where our protagonist's problems have tangible solutions; we get to step into someone else's shoes and thereby gain the ability to see our own worlds in a different light.

The Wheel of Time Spoilers podcast started out of a desire to share conversations about a fantasy series. We believe people hunger for narrative because meaningful stories allow us to bridge the gap between abstract philosophy and our own lives, to learn from our own imaginations. Stories are some of the most powerful tools ever crafted. Conversations about those stories, with friends and strangers alike, are an incredibly potent way to get even more out of our favorite works of fiction.

Seth started this project with Patrick in 2017 discussing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, and super-fan Aradia found them within a year. As the podcast grew larger, so did the community of fans that enjoyed it, sparking unexpected friendships, wild adventures, and even other podcasts! Seth and Aradia continue to collaborate with guest voices to create the Wheel of Time Spoilers Podcast, so that we can all spend more time in this world with these places and characters we love so much.

Why Patreon?
It takes a significant amount of time to read a 11,000+ page series like The Wheel of Time repeatedly, specifically review all the relevant data to a given chapter, record an episode in front of an audience, edit and produce the audio at quality you have come to expect, and then publish it across the internet. We have spent enough time on this project to know it could easily be a full-time job for two, if we had the income to support it.

There are also hard costs to running the show. Domain names, hardware upgrades, software licensing, soundproofing, travel, advertising… the list goes on! Patreon has for the last two years provided a stable platform on which Seth has been able to ensure the complete comfort of our most important podcast member, Timber, as well as insulate himself from the worst of the COVID impacts on employment opportunities. Aradia has gone from a paying supporter of the podcast to a paid creator instead, and is very happy to be living the dream of getting an actual income from a treasured hobby.

Looking forward to 2021, we hope to both become full-time podcasters creating WOTS episodes without fail, and expanding into other tangential conversations related to the series.

Thank You

Every single listener makes a difference, and we are incredibly grateful to each one of you. Our episodes are free for anyone to enjoy, and donations are what makes the show possible. Write us a review, tell your friends, share our content, and if you want to help push WOTSpoilers into the next Age, consider contributing a small amount yourself! With your help, we can continue bringing you insight into these epic books we all know and love.

Join our discussions of these books (and other topics) on Discord:
$1,495.19 of $1,500 per month
This level of donation will lift a significant burden off of Fox and Raven Media  Income from our generous donors and fans will pay the rent on our small recording studio, and the living spaces upstairs, not to mention paying electric, internet, hosting fees, and various utility bills.  We will be able to begin planning on making our day jobs a secondary venture, justify spending more time working for our donors than our other employers, and generally spend a lot more time producing the content you love.
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